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Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (12): 44-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.12.006
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Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 30-32.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.020
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   2008, 1 (8): 29-32.  
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   2008, 1 (8): 20-21.  
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   2008, 1 (8): 33-35.  
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   2008, 1 (8): 27-28.  
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The Questionnaire Survey System with Separation Technique of Front and Back Ends Based on Vue.js
ZHU Xiao-yu CHEN Si ZHANG Kai ZHOU Chen-jun WANG Hong-bo
Computer & Telecommunication   
   2008, 1 (8): 22-23.  
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   2008, 1 (8): 24-26.  
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Design and Simulation of NTC Thermistor Temperature Measurement Circuit Based on Multisim
Zhu Xun, Zhang Yajuan
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (9): 53-55.  
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Because the NTC thermistor sensor has a serious problem of nonlinear thermal power, the design of temperature measurement circuit is complex. According to the performance parameters of NTC thermistor, the corresponding temperature measurement circuit is designed. The circuit is simulated and analyzed in Multisim environment. The simulation results reach the circuit design requirements.
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Application of Enterprise Network VRRP + MSTP Protocol
Yang Zhanwu
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (1-2): 62-64.  
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On the premise of in-depth understanding of MSTP and VRRP protocol, the system can eliminate or reduce the single point of the Internet, and create a reliable, stable and high speed internet transmission system, which ensures the reliability and security of the enterprise network.
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Research on Data Persistence Framework Based on Spring Boot and MongoDB
Chen Tao, Ye Ronghua
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (1-2): 71-74.  
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With the further improvement and development of Spring Boot and MongoDB technology, the solution of the enterprise has sprung up like mushrooms. But when Spring Boot integrated MongoDB database has encountered some problems, such as no complete data persistence solution. However, a review of traditional relational database has completed the work of Hibernate. This paper firstly introduces the principle and technical background of Spring Boot and MongoDB, then analyzes the existing problems of the solution. The main work of this paper is to design and implement a data persistence framework based on the solution of JPA MDBC. For example MDBC increasing and perfecting the aggregation function; provide the transaction processing and ensure data consistency; provides a backup and disaster recovery tool and so on.
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Research and Design of the Humidifier Intelligent Control System
GU Wen YAN Jun-jie
Computer & Telecommunication   
Design of Intelligent Home Control System Based on STM32
LIZhi-kai JIANGGui-sheng YU Li-hong LIJian-hua
Computer & Telecommunication    2018, 1 (12): 4-7.  
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In order to design a smart home control system that is easy for users to use, this system takes STM32F103 microcontroller as the control center and combines hc-05 Bluetooth module, non-ad hoc voice recognition module and GSM module to form a set of multi-functional control system.The system usesMQ-2 smoke sensor, HC-SR501 human induction module, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor and relay to detect and process the indoor environment, and then displays the indoor environment status through TFT display screen.The system can control indoor lighting, curtains and fans through mobile phones with Bluetooth function and user voice.In an emergency, alert the user by sending an alarm text message within 10 seconds using the GSM network. The system has the advantages of good performance, simple operation, low cost and so on.
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Application of Online Research in Colleges and Universities under the Background of New Media
Ye Yunfeng, Zou Junchang, Li Zhongnan, Liu Huifang, Zhang Ai’er
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (8): 1-2.  
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The application of new media has enhanced the effect of information dissemination and has a positive impact on online research. This paper analyzes the advantages and existing problems of online research in colleges and universities under the background of new media. It proposes to scientifically design research questionnaires, select online research website, improve the enthusiasm of respondents, and apply new media for promotion, to promote the application of online research in colleges and universities under the background of new media.
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Design and Application of Logistics ERP Architecture Based on Workflow
Peng Houqi
   2010, 1 (12): 0-0.  
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In order to solve the problems brought about by fixed process in the ERP system of the traditional logistics,this paper introduces integrated workflow technology into the system.A multi-layer architecture of the ERP based on workflow technology is designed to improve the system’s maintainability and scalability.
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Design and Implementation of Student Award System Based on Spring Boot + Vue
WANG Jin LV Tai-zhi
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 0 (10): 52-55.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.10.013
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Higher vocational colleges carry out all kinds of award activities for students every year. How to have a fair and efficient award system is of great significance to students and counsellor. It can not only stimulate learning enthusiasm of student, but also reduce work burden of counsellor and effectively save human costs. For improving the award efficiency, this paper designs and implements a student award system. This system adopts B/S architecture, uses the front-end and back-end separation mode. The back-end is realized by Spring Boot + MyBatis, the front-end is realized by Vue framework. The front-end and back-end realize data interac tion with JSON format through Ajax technology. The database MySQL is read and written by MyBatis.
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Design of Mobile Learning System Based on Cloud Computing Technology
Fang Cheng
Computer & Telecommunication    2015, 1 (6): 31-33.  
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Cloud computing technology is a new technology and a new revolution of information technology. This paper analyzes the mobile learning status and existing problems, designs the mobile learning system based on cloud computing technology, and builds the cloud structure. The application of cloud technology in mobile learning system can effectively solve the existing problems, and provide a new inspiration for mobile learning.
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The Application of Java SSH Framework in JavaWeb
Li Jian, Tian Lifeng, Guo Rui
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (3): 69-72.  
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SSH is a common technology framework collection for Java Web development, including Struts, Hibernate and Spring. These three frameworks are different in the development and application, and each code range also has a greater difference. The application of SSH framework in Java Web is a very popular development mode of web development. This paper introduces the SSH framework, studies on the application of each frame in web and the prospect of Java Web framework, allowing readers to quickly understand the SSH framework and the relevant techniques. It will provide a valid reference for developers.
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Application of FlexRay Bus Technology in Aerospace Field
Li Fan, Wu Yijie, Zhang Beilei
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (5): 68-70.  
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Aiming at CAN bus technology in aerospace field, this article proposes a new FlexRay bus communication mod. It introduces a processing mod based on FPGA + FlexRay architecture, and describes the characteristics and working principle of FlexRay bus. It analyzes the feasibility of the application of FlexRay bus in the aerospace field from communication protocol, and expoundes the application of FlexRay bus in the aerospace field of our country from the aspects of chip selection, principle design, interface realization and software design.
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Application of Quantum Algorithm in Big Data Age
Qiu Junling, Zhang Pan
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (5): 47-49.  
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The advent of quantum computer has generated tremendous repercussions not only in the computer field but also in physics, communications, materials, and many other fields. Now many countries have joined the development of quantum computers. There is a lot of progress in quantum algorithms, construction, physical implementation and other aspects. With the progress of information technology, people's demands for data processing and speed become increasingly harsh, in this context, the combination of quantum technology and big data processing technology breaks through the dawn of big data processing.
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ProfiNet Communication Control Realization Based on the S7-1200 and SmartLink Remote IO
Zhong Guobiao, Xu Lianying
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (6): 25-28.  
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The SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC is connected with the SmartLink adapter by five kinds of twisted pair cable, so as to realize the remote control of IO module in communication, and realize data exchange in the same ProfiNet Industrial Ethernet bus. This paper introduces the framework of the control system, the topological structure of SmartLink remote intelligent IO in detail; introduces how to complete hardware configuration, parameter setting and data transmission in SIEMENS TIA Portal software; and completes the management control of distributed IO actuators with FB.
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Research on the Strategies of Applying Micro Learning Resource in Stratified Teaching
Bao Linxia, Shi Erying
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (7): 26-28.  
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Combining the demand of classroom teaching reform of computer professional courses in higher vocational colleges, this paper researches on the strategies of stratified teaching of Graphic Image Processing Technology. On the basis of learning situation analysis and student stratification, the stratified teaching is designed and implemented from four aspects including teaching objectives, content, activities and evaluation. Under the guidance of stratified teaching idea, the network learning platform of micro learning resource and flipped classroom teaching mode let the teachers liberate from the role of teaching knowledge in traditional classroom teaching, and help students to improve their practical ability and the development of physical and mental health.
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Design of Intelligent Stereo Garage Based on PLC
ZHANG Qin GONG Cheng-lin
Computer & Telecommunication    2019, 1 (4): 42-44.  
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This paper designs an intelligent stereo garage system based on PLC, which consists of parking space, turntable transposition device, car positioning device and elevator. The control uses Siemens S7-300 PLC as the main station, two S7-200 PLC as the slave station, Ethernet as the form of networking, and MCGS as the human-computer interaction interface. By controlling servo motor, stepping motor, frequency converter and ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor, the switch of elevator door, elevator lift, automobile fixed telescopic bracket motor, clamping motor of bracket, turntable rotation are controlled.
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Research on “Product as Center” Curriculum System Reform in Vocational Education
Lv Jun
   2011, 1 (10): 0-0.  
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With the continuous development of higher education, the traditional higher vocational curriculum design and training mode have already cannot get used to current society and the needs of the students. Using the electromechanical integration specialty as an example, this paper proposes “product as center” curriculum system reform to stimulate students’ interest in professional, and to improve the level and effectiveness of teaching. The method can dock with the social needs, and connect the schools and enterprises.
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Wireless Campus Network Planning
Liao Haiyan
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (1-2): 65-68.  
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In recent years, with the popularization of digital campus in China, more and more university get the attention of campus network environment. The campus network is a symbol of the level of information of university. At this stage, wired local area network in Colleges and universities has been popularization and development, but it has some limitations, such as limited in the venue, limited in hardware devices, and limited in the number of users. This thesis according to the present situation and the requirement of campus network application of Weifang College, research on the requirements, emphasized the campus wireless network construction technology, and put forward the general design scheme of campus network of college, and added that the corresponding security technology.
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Design and Implementation of PositionAnalysis System of Recruitment Website
SONG Zhi-yang ZHOU-Chen ZHANG Juan CHEN Ying-ying
Computer & Telecommunication   
Design of Children Anti-loss Device Terminal Based on SIM900A
He Ting
Computer & Telecommunication    2015, 1 (11): 32-34.  
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Aiming at the single function of children anti-loss device in the market, a smart children anti-loss device is designed to meet with people's needs. The terminal contains the main control STM32F103C, the peripheral part and the SIM900A module. The main function is to realize station location and send the location information to the main control terminal or call the main control terminal when the terminal identifies the AT command sending by the main control terminal.
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The Design and Implementation of the teaching of VLAN project
Kou Chenyan
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (8): 79-81.  
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VLAN technology is a basic technology in current network construction, which is also an important content in the network course. In order to make students better master the VLAN technology, this article designs a suit of VLAN project which is from shallow to deep, and combined with the practice. Results show that the teaching of this project achieves good results.
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Discussion on the Method of Computer Teaching Reform to Improve Students' Innovative Ability
Tan Shaosheng
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (7): 33-35.  
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In computer teaching, there are the problems that teaching concepts is backward, the teaching methods are rigid, and practical operation is missing. This paper studies on the corresponding solutions for innovative talents cultivation in computer teaching reform, to better train the students in creative thinking and consciousness.
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The Practical System Construction of Innovation Ability Training of College Student Majored in Intelligent Science and Technology
Zeng Xiangjin, Wang Haihui
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (3): 31-32.  
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Aiming at the cultivation of the scientific research ability of students majored in intelligence science and technology, through the analysis of the current situation, this paper proposes the research content of the innovation ability training system construction and its problems and challenges; then it expounds the system reform method, and proposes the system construction goal.
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The Teaching Implementation of PHP Advanced Programming Base on EnterpriseWebsite Project
He Shouqian
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (12): 86-88.  
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The grammar of PHP is simple and easy for learning. It also has advantages of high execution efficiency, short development cycle and crossing platforms. PHP makes great improvement after PHP4, which is fully qualified for the development of big commercial projects and large websites. Facing the current situation of the shortage of PHP talents, the employment prospect of graduates mastering PHP technology is considerable. The curriculum systems with PHP as the main thread are opened gradually in many universities. One factor for the students to master PHP technology in a short time is the teaching implementation process. This article discusses on the teaching implementation of PHP advanced programming with enterprise website projects.
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The Development and Realization of Small and Middle Enterprises Network Management Platform Based on Web2.0 Technology
Lv Taizhi
   2011, 1 (09): 0-0.  
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For a long time, the small and middle enterprises network construction has suffered from the attack of public network and the interference of non-standard Internet behavior. This paper developes network management based on Web2.0 (WBM), integrating functions of Web2.0 and network management technology, so as to provide a network management tool more powerful than traditional network management capabilities.
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Triple Play Spring of The Internet of Things
Jiang Chen Jie Yiping Xu Shasha
   2011, 1 (06): 0-0.  
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Triple play system makes the network more complete,is the inevitable trend of the future network development, and the new name of The Internet of things industry will be in this opportunity, as the triple play to bring the software and hardware optimization brighter prospects,It can be said that with the triple play of steady progress, The Internet of things spring is coming. The mankind is gradually into intelligent life.
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Teaching Information System Based on Cloud Computing
Ren Hua
   2010, 1 (02): 42-43.  
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Cloud computing can concentrate computing and storage to the network.It can minimize the PC performance and maximize the function,which becomes the urgent need of college to realize teaching resource integrating and sharing.This article introduces the concept of cloud computing in the application of Teaching Information System, and proposes the implementation of this application.
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Research on the Teaching Model of 3DMAX Course Based on Occupational Standards
Wang Shuiping, Wang Fang
Computer & Telecommunication    2016, 1 (9): 70-72.  
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3DSMAX is a popular three-dimensional design software. As a specialized course of computer and design, it has been a considerable problem how to improve students' practical operation ability and match with the position requiement. Based on the analysis on the present situation of 3DSMAX course teaching, this paper puts forward the teaching mode which combines the teaching content with the enterprise demand and the occupation standard. The teaching mode is of great significance to the training of students' basic skills, professional skills and engineering ability.
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Design and Implement ofWeb Service Composition Model Based onWork-flow
Zhang Jianfeng, Wang Jin
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (3): 39-42.  
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A single Web service cannot meet the application requirements. It is becoming more and more necessary to do a research on the Web service composition. In this paper, service composition model based on workflow template is build. The aim is to build a workflow-based Web services business process composition model by defining and publishing static Web services, to call a static service composition in the workflow process.
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An E-government Cloud Based on VxLAN and SDN
Zhao Shijia, Ye Donghua
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (1-2): 40-43.  
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E-government cloud is a kind of big scale private cloud data center. It takes the SDDC as the architecture. For the software defined network, this paper firstly introduces the main characters of the e-government cloud and the challenges of the network, and then offers a solution based on VxLAN and SDN. It also gives a network overlay solution for the e-government cloud, and summarizes its advantages. It provides a scheme to connect the SDN controller to the heterogeneous cloud management platform. At last, taking Openstack as an example, the configuration process of SDN controller and cloud management platform are described.
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The Application of Data Encryption Technology in Computer Network Communication Security
Li Fangjun
Computer & Telecommunication    2017, 1 (5): 59-61.  
Abstract96)            Save
With the development of science and technology, computer network communication is becoming more and more developed, but the communication security problems are also emerging, which have brought about very bad impact on society. Data encryption technology emerges in this situation. This paper firstly introduces the data encryption technology, and then expounds several common data encryption technology, and finally analyzes its application in computer network communication security.
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The Application of the Internet of Things in Wisdom Agriculture
Xu Hongyun
Computer & Telecommunication    2015, 1 (11): 37-39.  
Abstract168)            Save
From the concept and characteristics of the mode of Internet of Things and the wisdom agriculture, this paper analyzes the practice and application of the mode of Internet of Things in wisdom agriculture. Aiming at the problems in the application, it puts forward the corresponding strategies to improve the popularization and application of this mode, to promote the integration of modern wisdom agriculture production and processing intelligence, and to promote the development of strategic modern agriculture in China.
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