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Computer & Telecommunication  2019, Vol. 1 Issue (4): 42-44    DOI:
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Design of Intelligent Stereo Garage Based on PLC
Wuhan Technical College of Communications
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Abstract  This paper designs an intelligent stereo garage system based on PLC, which consists of parking space, turntable transposition device, car positioning device and elevator. The control uses Siemens S7-300 PLC as the main station, two S7-200 PLC as the slave station, Ethernet as the form of networking, and MCGS as the human-computer interaction interface. By controlling servo motor, stepping motor, frequency converter and ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor, the switch of elevator door, elevator lift, automobile fixed telescopic bracket motor, clamping motor of bracket, turntable rotation are controlled.
Key words intelligent stereo garage      PLC      Ethernet communication      touch screen      servo motor      stepping motor     
Published: 07 August 2019
ZTFLH:  U491.71  

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ZHANG Qin GONG Cheng-lin. Design of Intelligent Stereo Garage Based on PLC. Computer & Telecommunication, 2019, 1(4): 42-44.

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