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Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (12): 44-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.12.006
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Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 30-32.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.020
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Design and Implementation of Student Award System Based on Spring Boot + Vue
WANG Jin LV Tai-zhi
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 0 (10): 52-55.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.10.013
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Higher vocational colleges carry out all kinds of award activities for students every year. How to have a fair and efficient award system is of great significance to students and counsellor. It can not only stimulate learning enthusiasm of student, but also reduce work burden of counsellor and effectively save human costs. For improving the award efficiency, this paper designs and implements a student award system. This system adopts B/S architecture, uses the front-end and back-end separation mode. The back-end is realized by Spring Boot + MyBatis, the front-end is realized by Vue framework. The front-end and back-end realize data interac tion with JSON format through Ajax technology. The database MySQL is read and written by MyBatis.
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Research on Teaching Reform of Data Structure Based on OBE
LU Hong LIU Hong-ying
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (4): 29-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.04.005
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Research on PID Control Algorithm for Self-balancing Vehicle Based on STM32
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (9): 63-68.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.09.021
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Design of Driver Fatigue Recognition Algorithm Based on YOLOv8 and Face Key Points Detection
HE Zong-xi JIANG Ming-zhong XIE Ming-xia PANG Jia-bao CHEN Qiu-yan HU Yi-bo
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (11): 1-6.  
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According to statistics, the accident rate caused by fatigue driving and mental inconcentration in traffic accidents accounts for 93%. To solve this problem, 68 key points of face are introduced in this paper. Based on deep learning and machine vision algorithm concepts, combined with YOLOv8 model and related fatigue driving judgment mechanism, PERCLOS algorithm, MAR algorithm, EAR algorithm and HPE algorithm are used to improve the accuracy and reliability of the system. A set of algorithms for recognizing tired driving behavior is successfully constructed.
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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 81-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.027
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The Application of AutoCAD Secondary Development
Based on C# in Communication Design
MEI Bing-fu
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 12-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.003
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Study on Site Selection of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Based on Immune Algorithm
YANG Jia-qi CHEN Zhi-tao LIU Yu-yuan XIAO Jing-ying WANG Jie XIONG Yan
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (10): 31-34.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.10.004
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Map Line Recognition Method Based on OTSU and Contour Tracking
RAN Wen-Jing WANG Jia-Sheng RAO Xun ZHAO Zhe CHEN Xin-Ya XU Chun-Xiao
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 1-4.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.024
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Paper map and scanned map are the traditional way of map preservation. These methods make spatial query and analysis difficult. It is necessary to vectorize these maps to facilitate the query and analysis of historical geospatial data. However, the traditional vectorization method is time-consuming and labor-consuming, and cannot meet the actual needs. Therefore, this paper proposes an automatic map vectorization method based on boundary tracking. Firstly, the map is grayed and binarized; then the raster to
vector method is applied to the binary map; finally, based on four maps, the extraction effect of this method is compared with common methods. The experimental results show that this method can extract all map lines completely, and can effectively separate the text in the map.

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Construction of the New Engineering Specialty Education System
from the Perspective of Curriculum Ideology and Politics
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 5-7.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.023
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The "New Engineering Course" puts forward new requirements for the core competence of talents. This article integrates the core values of socialism into the personal effectiveness and social competence of the core literacy of the New Engineering Course, introduces curriculum ideology and politics into the whole process of education and teaching, and rebuilds the professional education system, to meet the requirements of engineering certification well, and to meet the needs of strengthening ideological and theoretical education and value guidance. It hopes to provide new theoretical and practical basis for the transformation of traditional engineering majors and the establishment and development of emerging engineering majors in colleges and universities.

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Review of Image Dehazing Algorithms
CHEN Jun-an LU Geng-you XIE Qian-yi GONG Zhi-hui LIU Jian-ping PENG Shao-hu
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (7): 63-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.07.012
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A Peer-to-peer Chat Tool Based on Android Bluetooth Technology
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 54-56.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.012
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In order to solve the problem of short-distance communication without Internet, this article designs and implements a point-to-point chat tool based on Android Bluetooth technology. Two mobile devices which connect each other via Bluetooth Socket are
able to chat without Internet. It is an attempt of Bluetooth technology in the field of mobile social applications.
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Current Situation Analysis and Hot Research on Second-hand Housing Market Based on Python Crawler -- A Case Study in Nanjing
FENG Chong-jun
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 0 (10): 65-68.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.010
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This paper uses Python third-party library Requests to crawl the housing data of second-hand housing websites, uses Pandas library to structurally process the crawled data, and uses Pyechards library to conduct multi-dimensional in-depth analysis and visual presentation of second-hand housing data. From a large number of online data, this paper analyzes the distribution of secondhand houses, market hot spots and price trend in Nanjing, helps buyers and real estate agents to make efficient decisions in market activities, and provides reference for government intervention and supervision of the second-hand housing market.

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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 1-4.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.018
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Design of Wechat Applet User Management System Based on Springboot
YANG Yu XU Wan-ming
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (3): 63-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.03.023
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Analysis of the Campus Food Safety Incidents Based on Data Mining
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (4): 65-.  
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Review on Domestic Blockchain Technology since 2014
——Based on CiteSpace Statistic Software
CHEN Ya-min
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (9): 57-62.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.09.018
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Research and Practice of Network Security Management of Industrial Control System
Based on PDCA Circulation
LAI Jin-zhi
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 12-15.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.025
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Network security is a major challenge faced by industrial control systems today, and on the basis of good technical protection, network security must rely on the improvement of management. This paper researches on the realization of a dynamic industrial control system network security management cycle based on the PDCA model, and introduces the industrial control system network security management practice implemented in A Company. By constructing a network security management system framework, it establishes a complete management system library for unified management, revises and improves the existing system clauses, formulates the basis for reviewing the implementation of the system in key links, conducts regular network security managementself-examinations, and monitors implementations of the system so as to verify the rationality and applicability of the management system, and finally achieve continuous network security.

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Promoting the Reform of Diversified Education and Teaching of Computer Network Based on Case Competition
LI Shao-feng
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (1-2): 20-22.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.z1.015
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Case competition is the integration of technology and professional knowledge and promotes the reform of university culture education and teaching. This paper shares the process and results of case competition as a diversified educational approach of
computer network. This paper introduces the procedure of case competition, students' performance, harvest and feedback in detail. The case competition provides students with an opportunity to show themselves and allow them to exchange and discuss the theme of computer network diversity in an open and fair environment. The main task is to provide solutions to the problems related to computer network courses. Through the design of computer network case competition, it has a subtle impact on diversified education and teaching. Teachers are required to constantly update their comprehensive knowledge and enrich their teaching means. Students are required to think comprehensively and creatively about the theme of future network development in order to produce evidence-based solutions.
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Deduction of Path Analysis Matrix Algorithm Based on Python Language
ZHONG Zhi-qiang ZHANG Yi-ning
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 0 (10): 39-42.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.10.010
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Path coefficient is a statistic of causality between correlation coefficients. It is not only affected by the variation degree of measurement units and independent variables, but also can distinguish the direct and indirect effects of independent variables on dependent variables, so it has been widely used. This paper focuses on the whole process of deriving the mathematical formula of pathanalysis. Referring to the matrix algorithm which is convenient for computer program implementation, the path analysis is run in Python language. The parameters and application conditions of the analysis results are explained.
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Research on Electronic Reading Room Seat Reservation System
Based on J2EE in Higher Vocational College
LI Kai WANG Xin-ke
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (5): 84-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.05.018
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Research on the Implementation Path of Promoting Blended Teaching
in Higher Vocational Colleges
TAN Fang-yong
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (1-2): 32-35.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.z1.005
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In view of the problem that online and offline teaching is relatively isolated and there is no real integration in the process
of information-based blended teaching reform in higher vocational colleges, this paper analyzes the dilemma and connotation of the current blended teaching reform, puts forward the integration of "student-centered" teaching concept into the teaching process, the integration of information technology into diversified teaching methods. It proposes to establish a mixed teaching management, monitoring and evaluation system, and improve the performance appraisal and incentive system.

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Design of Skill Assessment System for Key Posts of Urban Rail Transit Operation
Based on Mobile APP
YIN Ran-ran
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 0 (10): 27-31.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.10.007
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In order to improve the shortage of information technology application in vocational education assessment, a special sys
tem design for skill assessment of key posts of urban rail transit operation based on mobile APP is proposed. By analyzing the functional requirements, this paper designs the minimum configuration standard of the hardware operation platform of the post skill assessment system, decomposes the system functions, and designs six functional modules such as system management module and human-computer interaction interfaces such as home page flash page. Through the system test, it shows that the designed post skill assessment system meets the actual needs of subway driver order classes in terms of function, performance and adaptability. It has the characteristics of convenience and quickness.

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Design and Practice of Ideological and Political Teaching of Information
Theory and Coding Course
GAO Su-ling LI Xiao-qin
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 19-21.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.019
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According to the Information Theory research and teaching characteristics, we add course ideological and political teaching into the curriculum in the course objectives, content, examination and other aspects. With speaking Chinese story well as the main line, the basic teaching of information major and the course ideological and political teaching are seamlessly connected. It has practical guiding significance to the ideological and political work of similar courses in colleges and universities in China.

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Research on the Application of Steganography in Information Security
HUANG Heng-yi FU San-li
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (3): 68-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.03.005
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Research on the Evolution Model of Network Public Opinion
XU Hong
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (12): 73-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.12.010
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LI Qing-xu ZHANG Chen CHENG Xue
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (1-2): 1-6.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.z1.008
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Although Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) can extract local features and Long-term Short-term Memory Networks
(LSTM) can extract global features, which show good classification results, CNN has some shortcomings in obtaining contextual
global information of text, and LSTM tends to ignore the hidden feature information between words. Therefore, this paper proposes
to use the CNN_BiLSTM_Attention parallel model for text sentiment classification. First, CNN is used to extract local features,
while BiLSTM is used to extract global features with contextual semantic information, and then the features extracted from the two
are spliced together for feature fusion. This method allows the model to capture both local phrase-level features and contextual struc
ture information, and use the attention mechanism to assign different weights to the importance of feature words, thereby improving
the classification effect of the model. By combining with a single model such as CNN or LSTM, the CNN_BiLSTM_Attention paral
lel model proposed in this paper has improved comprehensive evaluation index F1 score and accuracy. The experimental results
show that the model proposed in this paper has achieved better results in text sentiment classification tasks than other neural net
works, and has better practical value.

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Remote Disaster Recovery of Cloud Data Center Based on EVPN
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 60-64.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.011
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This paper analyzes the remote disaster recovery across resource pools based on the BGP+EVPN+vpnv4 technology. In order to achieve the goal of remote disaster recovery of cloud service, it describes how to design the topology and the scheme selection
of VPN technology crossing multiple domains. It gives the general configuration templates for EVPN and L2VPN, and gives guidance suggestions on how to configure BGP routing policies and configure distributed gateway before migration of running services.
Finally, it makes a comparative analysis of remote migration of virtual machines across resource pools based on cloud platform,
which provides guidance for the investigation of migration problems and remote disaster recovery of business systems.
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Research on the Design of Customer Service Intelligent Dialogue System
Based on Rasa Framework
LU Ting-ting
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (1-2): 81-85.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.z1.017
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This paper mainly uses the Rasa open source framework to design and implement the electricity charge query and fault repair dialogue system for a power customer service center. It introduces two modules of RasaNLU and RasaCore of Rasa system development framework, then introduces the system design and implementation methods in detail, including system organization architecture, intention and entity slot design, natural language understanding module design, dialogue management design, etc. It describes the development method of a joint model of intention recognition and slot filling as a Rasa framework component, and finally displays the system Web page.

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Exploration on Computer Practice Teaching Mode Based on Curriculum Ideology and Politics
CHAI Yuan-yuan SUN Na-xin MENG Chen-ran CHENG Hui ZHENG Jing-jing
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 5-7.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.002
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This paper analyzes the importance of integrating ideological and political elements into professional courses
for the construction of vocational and technical ability and ideological and political education of military cadets,
introduces the ideas of ideological and political construction of courses and teaching design, and designs and implements
the practical teaching case of Web Design and Website Management. The conclusion emphasizes the ideas of ideological
and political construction of the curriculum and the attention points of teaching design, which will provide reference for
the teaching reform of more programming courses in the future.

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Research on a Three-layer Extraction and Anti-overfitting Gesture Recognition Algorithm
Based on Neural Network CNN
SHEN Ya-ting ZHANG Wei-jun BAI Yu-xin
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (3): 49-54.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.03.007
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Based on the CNN model, a gesture recognition algorithm named Add_Layer_CNN (A_L_CNN for short) is proposed,
which is a three-layer extraction and anti-overfitting gesture recognition algorithm based on neural network CNN. A_L_CNN changes the single-layer convolution pooling in the traditional CNN model to three-layer convolution cubic pooling structurally, and adds the Dropout (random deactivation) layer to prevent overfitting. A_L_CNN is compared with traditional CNN and SVM. Experimental results in multiple test sets show that the average accuracy of the proposed A_L_CNN model is about 98.56%, that of the traditional CNN model is about 96.11%, and that of the SVM model is about 87.25%. Therefore, the accuracy of the proposed A_L_CNN model is higher.

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Parallel Implementation of Matrix Multiplication Using OpenMP + MPI
GOU Yue-cheng
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (3): 77-.  
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In order to improve the operation speed of matrix multiplication and optimize the operation performance, a method based
on parallel computing is proposed in this paper. OpenMP + MPI hybrid programming is adopted, and Huawei Kunpeng processor
and PC are selected as the experimental platform. Among them, MPI broadcasts the partitioned small matrix to each process, using OpenMP to multiply the matrix in each process; then MPI is used to aggregate the operation results, and finally relevant information such as time performance is displayed. PC, single and multiple Huawei Kunpeng servers are selected to allocate different process numbers, the performance of the operation results is analyzed and summarized.
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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 58-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.008
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UAV Coherent Signal DOA Estimation Algorithm Based on Toeplitz Matrix Reconstruction
CAO Cong-hui LAN Qiang HOU Qun
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (12): 21-24.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.014
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In this paper, the two-dimensional coherent DOA estimation algorithm based on the TOEPLITZ matrix reconstruction is designed for real-time regulatory drones, and the virtual line array model is established to receive the drone coherent signal, and the
signal is realized by matrixing the covariance matrix. The Toeplitz matrix is built, and the two- dimensional DOA estimation for
drone signals is achieved by calculating spatial spectrum. Simulation analysis shows that the DOA estimation accuracy rate of this
paper is high and better performance.

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Efficiency Analysis and Optimization of Dig Data Processing under Cloud Computing Platform
OU Wei-hong YANG Yong-qin LI Jia-hua
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 0 (10): 18-23.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.10.005
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Today, with globalization, a large amount of data is produced every day, and various big data application systems emerge  in an endless stream. How to deal with big data quickly and efficiently is one of the key technologies in the current application system. With the development and improvement of cloud computing technology, big data application systems have been put on the cloud one after another. This paper analyzes the relevant factors that affect the processing efficiency of big data on cloud platform, and proposes an enlightening inductive load balancing method to optimize the processing efficiency. The enlightening inductive load balancing method reduces the time of task deployment on cloud platform, achieves better load balancing effect on cloud computing  platform, and improves the processing efficiency of big data.
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Research on Python Curriculum System Based on Different Professional Backgrounds
YAN Yuan-hai
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 0 (10): 56-60.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.10.014
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In the context of the construction of new engineering disciplines, this article conducts a comprehensive curriculum system
research on Python courses offered in different majors. Firstly, it starts with the demonstration of the necessity and feasibility of the construction of courses by majors, which mainly includes comparison and analysis of the goals, resources and effects of Python courses in different majors. Practice shows that the training goals of different majors are different, and the status and value of Python courses in different majors are also quite different. Therefore, in the process of curriculum system construction such as class setting, theoretical explanation and case analysis, the characteristics of professional training should be fully considered.
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Research on Strategies for Optimizing Blended Teaching Mode by Using Big Data Analysis
CHEN Chun-yan
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 8-11.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.026
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In response to the requirements of the Ministry of Education to deepen the education and teaching reform boosted by information technology, it is a research with practical guiding significance to provide optimized support for the teaching process of the existing
hybrid teaching with the help of big data application technology. The article introduces the main problems in the teaching process in the absence of big data analysis, and analyzes the connection between big data, proposes the use of statistical analysis of big data to reconstruct the teaching design of the blended teaching mode, forming a student-centered curriculum data link of the blended teaching mode, and improving and optimizing the teaching strategy of the curriculum. The data of teaching evaluation and feedback proves that the effect of optimization implementation is ideal, which reflects the precision teaching and multi-dimensional teaching evaluation.

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Design and Implementation of the AI-oriented Platform for Voice Data Acquisition Service
WANG Zi-yun NIU Chen-yang
Computer & Telecommunication    2021, 1 (11): 69-75.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.008
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To solve the problems of insufficient data volume and unbalanced sample distribution in dialect voice data acquisition for
voice AI, a voice data acquisition service platform is designed and developed to provide voice data acquisition, task customization,
voice and text data management, data labeling, data retrieval and download available for users to participate in enjoyable voice
games in forms of WeChat mini program and mobile app, to realize customizable voice data acquisition, labeling and cross verification. It effectively solves the problem of imbalance of sample distribution of data acquisition while increasing the amount of voice data, improves the sampling coverage of dialect population and region, and enhances the voice data quality to boost dialect speech recognition.

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