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Computer & Telecommunication   
Accepted: 23 January 2024

Analysis on theAir Quality ofAnhui Province in 2018 Based on GIS
FANG Jia-wei LIAO Dong LING Yun
Computer & Telecommunication   
Application of MultidimensionalTechnology in Graphic Design and Its CaseAnalysis
LIDan LINYun-gui RAOHao
Computer & Telecommunication   
Design of 256-element Multi-group Scanning Ultrasonic PhasedArray System
LI Yu-zhong HAN Song ZHANG Xiao-ming XU Jie-tao LUO Xi-hai
Computer & Telecommunication   
Campus Network Design Based on Flexbox Layout
JIANG Yun-xin
Computer & Telecommunication   
Research on the Personnel Management System of SMEs Based on JAVA
CUI Jing-qi ZHAO Guang-fu
Computer & Telecommunication   
Design and Implementation of Forest Fire Intelligent EarlyWarning System
SHI Nai-chang MAO Zi-feng LI Hong-qian
Computer & Telecommunication   
Chinese Landscape Painting Automated Generation Model Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
ZHANG Gang , CHEN Jia-lian, SONG Jian, GUO Jun-qi, ZHOU Chen-rui
Computer & Telecommunication   
Research on 6LoWPAN Technology in IOT
Zeng Zhangfan Yu Peiying Zhou Yanling Liu Wenchao Xing Sainan
Computer & Telecommunication   
The Internet Authentication and Security Application System of Social Security Card
Du Enkuan Deng Hua
Computer & Telecommunication   
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