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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 1-4.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.018
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Research on Reform and Innovation of Practical Teaching System of IoT Application Technology
PENG Hai-ling ZHOU Yuan YE Ning YIN Xiao-jun
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 41-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.012
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The Application of AutoCAD Secondary Development
Based on C# in Communication Design
MEI Bing-fu
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 12-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.003
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Flag Recognition Algorithm Model Based on YOLOv3 with Retained Features
from Inverted Residuals
SHEN Ya-ting YAN Yi ZHU Kun-mei LUI Bing-bing
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 5-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.019
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The Role of Self-built Corpus in the Teaching of Cross-Border E-Commerce Digital Operation
LU Yan-hong
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 20-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.005
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Discussion on the Application of Object-oriented Thinking Mode in Computer Specialty Teaching
LI Xiao-ling WU Yong XU Yu-ling JIA Miao-miao YANG Zhao-nan BAI Mei-jiao ZHANG Xiao-xin
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 25-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.004
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The Application of Stratified Project Model in the Teaching of C Language Programming
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 87-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.009
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Design of Remote Network Interconnection Based on Deep Network Equipment VPN Technology
FENG Jian-guang ZHENG We-ihong
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 74-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.014
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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 28-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.002
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The Teaching Reform of Software Engineering Based on OBE
LUO Hai-li
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 84-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.006
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Research on Intelligent Detection Algorithm for Construction Workers' Clothing
Based on Improved YOLOv5
YANG Ji-qiong GAO Jie CHANG He-you LU Yong-qi
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 49-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.017
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Practice and Discussion on Teaching of Principle and Application of Big Data Technology
CAI Zhao-zhao BAI Tao ZHOU Li
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 32-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.001
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Research on Creative Practice Reform of Database Principle
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 45-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.013
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Research on a 5G Post-evaluation Method Based on Multidimensional Big Data
LI Zhi-juan
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 69-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.016
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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 58-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.008
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Exploration on Computer Practice Teaching Mode Based on Curriculum Ideology and Politics
CHAI Yuan-yuan SUN Na-xin MENG Chen-ran CHENG Hui ZHENG Jing-jing
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 5-7.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.002
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This paper analyzes the importance of integrating ideological and political elements into professional courses
for the construction of vocational and technical ability and ideological and political education of military cadets,
introduces the ideas of ideological and political construction of courses and teaching design, and designs and implements
the practical teaching case of Web Design and Website Management. The conclusion emphasizes the ideas of ideological
and political construction of the curriculum and the attention points of teaching design, which will provide reference for
the teaching reform of more programming courses in the future.

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The Application of Achievement Degree Evaluation
in the Mobile Application Development Course
ZHU Dong-ling ZHOU Xiu-ying
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 0-4.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.001
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In the process of engineering education certifification, some universities have explored the evaluation of
achievement degree based on the curriculum’s support for the graduation requirements. Learning from the engineering
education certifification in universities, we do the evaluation of achievement degree in the higher vocational mobile
application development course, and apply the evaluation results to the dynamic diagnosis and improvement, the
periodical diagnosis and improvement, the development of students’ abilities. On the one hand, it can objectively evaluate
the teaching effffect of teachers and students' learning effffect, and on the other hand, it can provide a reliable basis for
teachers to continuously improve their teaching work.

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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (4): 64-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.04.011
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Real-time Facial Expression Recognition Based on Facial Feature Detection
SU Cui-wen CHAI Guo-qiang
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 17-21.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.018
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A real-time facial expression recognition based on OpenCV and Dlib model is proposed in this paper, which
avoids low recognition rate and complex extraction process in traditional methods and complex model and poor real-time
in deep learning-based methods. First, OpenCV is used to capture and pre-process images in real time. Then the Dlib
model is applied to calibrate the facial key points in the acquired face image. Finally, fifive indexes proposed in the paper,
i.e., eyebrow tilt degree, eyes open degree, upper lip to nasal tip height ratio, mouth width ratio and mouth height ratio are
combined to recognize expression. Besides, a system interface with simplifified operation is built to enhance the
practicability of the proposed method. Experiments show that the accuracy of the proposed method is above 96%, which
verififies its effffectiveness.

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Exploration on Ideological and Political Education of Fundamentals of Program Design in IoT Major
PAN Mei-qin ZHU Fa-cai PENG Hai-ling ZHOU Yuan
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 22-26.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.007
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The ideological and political objectives of Fundamentals of Program Design condense the dual main lines of
"self-cultivation" and "talent" moral and technical courses, defifine the three-step value internalization of "personal
accomplishment, professional quality, ideals and beliefs", and integrate the four dimensions of teaching content, teaching
environment, teaching methods, and humanistic education into ideological and political education. In the teaching
process, the ideological and political quality goal of "striving for excellence, diligent learning and good thinking, unity
and innovation, dedication to work, self-cultivation and strengthening the country" runs through. A measurable and
evaluable learning evaluation system containing ideological and political literacy goals is built, so that the ideological and
political education of the curriculum can be implemented to all members, the whole process and all directions.

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Facial Feature Test and Fatigue Driving Warning Based on Deep Learning
ZHANG Miao-miao CHAI Guo-qiang YU Hai-le XU Hao-xuan
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (12): 1-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.12.001
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Fatigue driving is an invisible killer of road traffic safety. A fatigue driving detection system based on deep learning is pro
posed in this paper to ensure the high efficiency and accuracy of detection. First, OpenCV is applied to gray preprocess the collected
image. Second, directional gradient histogram is used to extract feature and the pre-trained Dlib model is applied to calibrate 68 face
feature points. Finally, the improved detected algorithms of blink, yawn and nod are used to calculate the length width ratio of eyes
and mouth and head posture Euler angle, respectively, and compare with its corresponding threshold to determine whether the driver
is in fatigue state and take early warning measures. Experiments show that the proposed system has 97% accuracy, verifying its ef

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Research on a Three-layer Extraction and Anti-overfitting Gesture Recognition Algorithm
Based on Neural Network CNN
SHEN Ya-ting ZHANG Wei-jun BAI Yu-xin
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (3): 49-54.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.03.007
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Based on the CNN model, a gesture recognition algorithm named Add_Layer_CNN (A_L_CNN for short) is proposed,
which is a three-layer extraction and anti-overfitting gesture recognition algorithm based on neural network CNN. A_L_CNN changes the single-layer convolution pooling in the traditional CNN model to three-layer convolution cubic pooling structurally, and adds the Dropout (random deactivation) layer to prevent overfitting. A_L_CNN is compared with traditional CNN and SVM. Experimental results in multiple test sets show that the average accuracy of the proposed A_L_CNN model is about 98.56%, that of the traditional CNN model is about 96.11%, and that of the SVM model is about 87.25%. Therefore, the accuracy of the proposed A_L_CNN model is higher.

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Research on the Ideological and Political Practice Path of Program Design
Course Integrating Value Orientation
YU Yan ZHOU Li-tao YU Yin-feng ZHANG Yi LUO Cheng
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 12-16.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.006
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Curriculum ideology and politics is an important concept of educating people in the new era, and it is a hot issue
in the teaching reform of Chinese universities. At present, the ideological and political teaching of programming courses is
in the development stage, and there are still problems such as the content of teaching materials is not new, the quality of
teachers is not uniform, the teaching methods are not systematic, and the teaching resources are not perfect. The existence
of these problems prevents the ideological and political teaching of the course from better reflflecting the value orientation
of the course. In this regard, this paper introduces the ideological and political connotation of the program design course,
and puts forward the ideological and political implementation path of the program design course that integrates the value
of the course. Difffferent dimensions such as innovative teaching methods discuss how to reflflect the value of the course, and
introduce the practical process and effffect in actual teaching. Only by improving teachers' ideological and political
teaching ability, and innovatively designing teaching materials, teaching content and resources, teaching methods and
teaching evaluation mechanisms, and building a "new form, three-dimensional, collaborative education mechanism", can
the curriculum value of program design be better highlighted , to give full play to the educational potential of curriculum
ideology and politics.

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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 50-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.005
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Development of AR Space Teaching System Based on Virtual Simulation Technology
WU Qiang LI Guang-song WU Ji-hong GUAN Ze-liang
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 31-35.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.023
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With the rapid development of Internet technology, the application of virtual reality technology in the fifield of
education is more and more popular, AR technology is introduced into the practice teaching of the course of Virtual Reality
Development Foundation, using the Unity3D and Vuforia SDK to design the AR space teaching system, which has
authenticity, interactive and autonomy. It has been proved that the system has good teaching effffect and increases students'
interactive experience with space experiment.
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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 70-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.012
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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 91-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.024
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Research on Convolutional Neural Network Image Recognition Algorithm Based on FPGA
JIA Liang XU Shan-Bo XING Yi-Bo
Computer & Telecommunication    2022, 1 (12): 58-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2022.12.012
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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 65-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.008
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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 40-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.025
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Experimental Teaching Reform of Compiler Principles Focusing on Training Engineering Ability
ZHAO Xiao SUN Lian-shan
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 8-11.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.004
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Based on the Engineering Education Professional Certifification concept, combined with long-term teaching
practice, carried out the student-oriented teaching and focused on the engineering ability training, the contents of
Compiler Principles experiment are optimized, new teaching management methods are proposed, and the teaching
evaluation system is improved centering on the whole process. The teaching practice shows that the curriculum reform
deeply integrates the concept of Engineering Education Professional Certifification. It is benefificial to cultivate students'
engineering concept and ability to solve complex engineering problems. It also provides reference for experimental
teaching reform of other courses of computer science.

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Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 81-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.027
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Sentiment Analysis of Fine-grained Chinese Short Text Based on Graph Convolution Network
CHEN Jun-tao LIU Li-ming CHE Yue-qin
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (3): 79-84.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.03.021
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Exploration on the Teaching Reform of SPSS Statistical Analysis under the
Concept of Three Complete Education
LI Xiao-hong TANG Hai-lin ZHU Ting-ting
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (1-2): 27-30.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.z1.003
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Construction and Analysis on the Development Model of Chinese E-government
from Multi-dimensional Perspective
GUO Xu-kun
Computer & Telecommunication    2023, 1 (3): 15-19.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2023.03.001
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E-government is an important component of digital China and one of the important issues of the Party and the state in the
construction of infrastructure and the living level of people. To promote the construction and development of Chinese egovernment by studying the evolution and development model of e-government, it is of great significance to promote the development of digital economy and digital society. From the multi- dimension information of the background of the times, policy measures, application practice and technological innovation, the multi-dimensional spiral model of Chinese e-government evolution and development is emphatically constructed. From the aspects of problem- oriented proposition, model theory construction, model practice analysis, model application expectation, etc., the paper pushes forward and reveals the path of "technological innovation ? application driven? time policy>>>value for all" path mode in the evolution and development of e-government in China layer by layer. It also analyzes the new trend of the development of core technology framework of digital government in the future. The paper constructs a multi dimensional intertexture and spiral evolution model of Chinese e-government, and according to the model, it reveals the evolution and development path mode of Chinese e-government.
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