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Design and Implementation of PositionAnalysis System of Recruitment Website
Jiangsu Maritime Institute
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Abstract  With the expansion of colleges and universities, the number of fresh graduates is increasing year by year, and the employ- ment pressure cannot be underestimated. Aiming at the problem of difficult employment, we conduct data analysis on the recruit- ment website, dig out the skills required for the job, and combine the results of the courses taken by the students when they are in school. Comparing the two, it is possible to recommend suitable jobs to the students and to the school, providing basis for job posi- tioning and job ability analysis in the professional talent training plan. The development of the position analysis system adopts the idea of separating front and back ends. The back end uses Hadoop platform and Spark framework. The front end uses Vue to bind da- ta. Echarts realizes visualization and visually displays the relevant data of the position. The post analysis system based on big data technology can obtain and analyze in real time, and visualize relevant employment data.
Key wordsbig data technology      visualization      Hadoop platform      Spark framework      Vue      Echarts     
Published: 09 December 2020

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SONG Zhi-yang ZHOU-Chen ZHANG Juan CHEN Ying-ying. Design and Implementation of PositionAnalysis System of Recruitment Website. Computer & Telecommunication, 2020, 1(9): 6-10.

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