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Computer & Telecommunication  2017, Vol. 1 Issue (6): 25-28    DOI:
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ProfiNet Communication Control Realization Based on the S7-1200 and SmartLink Remote IO
Zhong Guobiao,Xu Lianying
HDX Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
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Abstract  The SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC is connected with the SmartLink adapter by five kinds of twisted pair cable, so as to realize the remote control of IO module in communication, and realize data exchange in the same ProfiNet Industrial Ethernet bus. This paper introduces the framework of the control system, the topological structure of SmartLink remote intelligent IO in detail; introduces how to complete hardware configuration, parameter setting and data transmission in SIEMENS TIA Portal software; and completes the management control of distributed IO actuators with FB.
Key wordsS7-1200      SmartLink      ProfiNet      TIA Portal      configuration      gsdml file     
Published: 16 November 2017
ZTFLH:  TP273  

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Zhong Guobiao, Xu Lianying. ProfiNet Communication Control Realization Based on the S7-1200 and SmartLink Remote IO. Computer & Telecommunication, 2017, 1(6): 25-28.

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