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Computer & Telecommunication  2016, Vol. 1 Issue (7): 33-35    DOI:
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Discussion on the Method of Computer Teaching Reform to Improve Students' Innovative Ability
Tan Shaosheng
Hunan Industrial Vocational and Technical College
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Abstract  In computer teaching, there are the problems that teaching concepts is backward, the teaching methods are rigid, and practical operation is missing. This paper studies on the corresponding solutions for innovative talents cultivation in computer teaching reform, to better train the students in creative thinking and consciousness.
Key wordscomputer      teaching reform      innovation      methods     
Published: 13 November 2017
ZTFLH:  G633.67  

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Tan Shaosheng. Discussion on the Method of Computer Teaching Reform to Improve Students' Innovative Ability. Computer & Telecommunication, 2016, 1(7): 33-35.

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