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  2010, Vol. 1 Issue (02): 42-43    DOI:
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Teaching Information System Based on Cloud Computing
Ren Hua
(Armed Police Command Academy,Modern Education Technology Center,Hangzhou 310023,Zhejiang)
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Abstract  Cloud computing can concentrate computing and storage to the network.It can minimize the PC performance and maximize the function,which becomes the urgent need of college to realize teaching resource integrating and sharing.This article introduces the concept of cloud computing in the application of Teaching Information System, and proposes the implementation of this application.
Key wordsCloud Computing      Teaching Informationg System      application     
Received: 01 January 1900      Published: 10 February 2010

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Ren Hua. Teaching Information System Based on Cloud Computing. , 2010, 1(02): 42-43.

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