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Computer & Telecommunication  2017, Vol. 1 Issue (5): 47-49    DOI:
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Application of Quantum Algorithm in Big Data Age
Qiu Junling1,Zhang Pan2
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Abstract  The advent of quantum computer has generated tremendous repercussions not only in the computer field but also in physics, communications, materials, and many other fields. Now many countries have joined the development of quantum computers. There is a lot of progress in quantum algorithms, construction, physical implementation and other aspects. With the progress of information technology, people's demands for data processing and speed become increasingly harsh, in this context, the combination of quantum technology and big data processing technology breaks through the dawn of big data processing.
Key wordsquantum algorithm      big data      data mining     
Published: 15 November 2017
ZTFLH:  TP311.13  

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Qiu Junling, Zhang Pan. Application of Quantum Algorithm in Big Data Age. Computer & Telecommunication, 2017, 1(5): 47-49.

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