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Computer & Telecommunication  2018, Vol. 1 Issue (12): 4-7    DOI:
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Design of Intelligent Home Control System Based on STM32
Guangdong Baiyun University
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Abstract  In order to design a smart home control system that is easy for users to use, this system takes STM32F103 microcontroller as the control center and combines hc-05 Bluetooth module, non-ad hoc voice recognition module and GSM module to form a set of multi-functional control system.The system usesMQ-2 smoke sensor, HC-SR501 human induction module, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor and relay to detect and process the indoor environment, and then displays the indoor environment status through TFT display screen.The system can control indoor lighting, curtains and fans through mobile phones with Bluetooth function and user voice.In an emergency, alert the user by sending an alarm text message within 10 seconds using the GSM network. The system has the advantages of good performance, simple operation, low cost and so on.
Key wordssmart home      voice control      indoor environment detection      household appliance control      remote monitoring     
Published: 29 July 2019
ZTFLH:  TP311.52  

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LIZhi-kai JIANGGui-sheng YU Li-hong LIJian-hua. Design of Intelligent Home Control System Based on STM32. Computer & Telecommunication, 2018, 1(12): 4-7.

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