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  2011, Vol. 1 Issue (09): 0-0    DOI:
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Development of Data Exception Monitor Audit System of Regional Automatic Station
Liu Shaolong
Fuzhou meteorological bureau
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Abstract  Taking the example of Fuzhou,we develop data exception monitoring audit system of automatic station. The system can monitor observation data of regional automatic station of meteorological bureau in real time in all cities and counties. It realizes real-time data of regional automatic station warehousing and abnormal data monitoring and auditing that can provide high security of data transmission.
Key wordsautomatic weather station      real time monitoring      GIS      data exception      monitor     
Received: 01 January 1900      Published: 10 September 2011

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Liu Shaolong. Development of Data Exception Monitor Audit System of Regional Automatic Station. , 2011, 1(09): 0-0.

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