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    Map Line Recognition Method Based on OTSU and Contour Tracking
    RAN Wen-Jing WANG Jia-Sheng RAO Xun ZHAO Zhe CHEN Xin-Ya XU Chun-Xiao
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 1-4.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.024
    Paper map and scanned map are the traditional way of map preservation. These methods make spatial query and analysis difficult. It is necessary to vectorize these maps to facilitate the query and analysis of historical geospatial data. However, the traditional vectorization method is time-consuming and labor-consuming, and cannot meet the actual needs. Therefore, this paper proposes an automatic map vectorization method based on boundary tracking. Firstly, the map is grayed and binarized; then the raster to
    vector method is applied to the binary map; finally, based on four maps, the extraction effect of this method is compared with common methods. The experimental results show that this method can extract all map lines completely, and can effectively separate the text in the map.

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    Construction of the New Engineering Specialty Education System
    from the Perspective of Curriculum Ideology and Politics
    XIE Ling WEI Wei FANG Yun LUAN Di
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 5-7.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.023
    The "New Engineering Course" puts forward new requirements for the core competence of talents. This article integrates the core values of socialism into the personal effectiveness and social competence of the core literacy of the New Engineering Course, introduces curriculum ideology and politics into the whole process of education and teaching, and rebuilds the professional education system, to meet the requirements of engineering certification well, and to meet the needs of strengthening ideological and theoretical education and value guidance. It hopes to provide new theoretical and practical basis for the transformation of traditional engineering majors and the establishment and development of emerging engineering majors in colleges and universities.

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    Research on Strategies for Optimizing Blended Teaching Mode by Using Big Data Analysis
    CHEN Chun-yan
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 8-11.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.026
    In response to the requirements of the Ministry of Education to deepen the education and teaching reform boosted by information technology, it is a research with practical guiding significance to provide optimized support for the teaching process of the existing
    hybrid teaching with the help of big data application technology. The article introduces the main problems in the teaching process in the absence of big data analysis, and analyzes the connection between big data, proposes the use of statistical analysis of big data to reconstruct the teaching design of the blended teaching mode, forming a student-centered curriculum data link of the blended teaching mode, and improving and optimizing the teaching strategy of the curriculum. The data of teaching evaluation and feedback proves that the effect of optimization implementation is ideal, which reflects the precision teaching and multi-dimensional teaching evaluation.

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    Research and Practice of Network Security Management of Industrial Control System
    Based on PDCA Circulation
    LAI Jin-zhi
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 12-15.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.025
    Network security is a major challenge faced by industrial control systems today, and on the basis of good technical protection, network security must rely on the improvement of management. This paper researches on the realization of a dynamic industrial control system network security management cycle based on the PDCA model, and introduces the industrial control system network security management practice implemented in A Company. By constructing a network security management system framework, it establishes a complete management system library for unified management, revises and improves the existing system clauses, formulates the basis for reviewing the implementation of the system in key links, conducts regular network security managementself-examinations, and monitors implementations of the system so as to verify the rationality and applicability of the management system, and finally achieve continuous network security.

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    Research on Case-based Teaching of Phonetic Examination
    YE Dong LI Zong-chen LI Jun-yao ZHANG Yi
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 16-18.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.021
    Phonetic Examination is a professional degree course for public security audio-visual technology. Based on the teaching experience of the past two years, the author believes that the introduction of cases in teaching and the realization of all aspects casebased teaching from theory to practice is the key to keep the course advance with the times and achieve ideological and political integration. In this paper, starting from the characteristics of strong timeliness and professional course, the case-based teaching of Phonetic Examination has the advantages, which is narrowing the gap between the theory of practice, following the rule of law technology progress and raising ideological and political standing. Combined with the teaching experience of the teaching platform in the past two years, the specific implementation of case- based teaching in Phonetic Examination is introduced, and the teaching effect is good.

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    Design and Practice of Ideological and Political Teaching of Information
    Theory and Coding Course
    GAO Su-ling LI Xiao-qin
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 19-21.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.019
    According to the Information Theory research and teaching characteristics, we add course ideological and political teaching into the curriculum in the course objectives, content, examination and other aspects. With speaking Chinese story well as the main line, the basic teaching of information major and the course ideological and political teaching are seamlessly connected. It has practical guiding significance to the ideological and political work of similar courses in colleges and universities in China.

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    The Enlightenment of Robot Teaching in Primary School from STEM Perspective
    LI Ming
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 22-25.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.016
    Robot technology and programming teaching can help learners fully integrate STEM knowledge. It is an important means to promote the implementation of STEM ideas in practice. It helps to cultivate learners' key technical knowledge and innovation ability to adapt to the future development, and they may have a sustained impact on their future life and career. At present, the teaching
    of robotics and programming in primary and secondary schools in China is mostly taught by community activities and school-based
    courses. There are no relevant curriculum standards and professional guidance textbooks, and there is a lack of professional teachers.This paper fully refines the education form of robot education curriculum in foreign primary and secondary schools under STEM education concept. We explores and analyzes the characteristics of classroom education, teaching form, curriculum setting and curriculum design elements, in the hope of providing enlightenment and reference for the curriculum design of robot teaching for teenagers, and to provide reference for the cultivation of robot education and programming professionals who are in short supply in the market.

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    Construction and Practice Research of SPOC Mixed Teaching Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Information Literacy Improvement
    WU Yan
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 26-29.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.018
    Under the background of Education Informatization 2.0, information literacy is the necessary ability for the students in higher vocational colleges to adapt to the information society and lifelong learning. Aiming at the problem that the information literacy of the students in higher vocational colleges is on the low side generally, taking the course of engineering economics as an example, this paper builds a framework on top of the hybrid teaching model of SPOC based on improving the information literacy and then carries out practical research. Finally, the paper analyzes the teaching effect of applying the model. The results shows that the model fully plays the subject role of students in the process of education and teaching, realizes the improvement of information literacy, develops the students’comprehensive ability, so the mode is an effective teaching model to improve the quality of students.

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    A Case-study Teaching Method for Machine Learning Course
    YANG Guang CHEN Ya-rui
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 33-36.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.022
    How to learn the theoretical underpinnings and gain the practical to powerfully apply these techniques to new problems, is an important question for machine learning course. This paper proposes a case- study teaching method. In the class, students get
    hands-on experience with machine learning from a comprehensive practice case, and acquire the complete knowledge system by adjusting the steps and parameters of an integrated case. The practice results show that this method can effectively help students understand theoretical knowledge and improve the practical ability.
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    Research on the Experimental Teaching Mode of Network Planning and Design Based on Engineering Education Professional Certification
    FANF Wei
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 37-39.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.017
    This paper first analyzes the three major concepts of Engineering Education Professional Certification. Under the guidance of these concepts, it analyzes the experimental teaching status and problems of Network Planning and Design. Then it discusses on a series of teaching models based on the idea of Engineering Education Professional Certification, and introduces them into the experi mental teaching of Network Planning and Design, in order to improve students’learning achievement and cultivate students’engi neering practice ability.

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    Analysis and Prospects of Research Hotspots on Smart Classrooms in China —— Analysis Based on Citespace Knowledge Graph
    ZHANG Hui-ying
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 40-53.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.014
    With the gradual infiltration of artificial intelligence into all walks of life, the education field is also facing major informatization changes. At the same time, the traditional teaching model is gradually unable to meet the diverse needs of learners for education, thus the smart classroom arises. This study uses Citespace software to conduct a multi-dimensional visual analysis of the core
    literature on the "smart classroom" from the CNKI database. Through the analysis of the literature and the visualization atlas, it
    shows that the concept of the "smart classroom" research is unclear. There is a lack of relevant research on the cultivation of smart teachers and other issues.
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    Research on the Application and Implementation of Accounting Gift Ability in China Unicom CBSS system
    LIN Yi-xi
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 49-53.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.013
    In order to maintain the old users and ensure the online rate of users, the business department continues to launch a variety
    of innovative services, which puts forward higher standards and requirements for the application and implementation of accounting
    gift ability in China Unicom CBSS system. This paper studies and expounds the application and implementation scheme of the ac
    counting gift ability of China Unicom Guangdong branch in China Unicom CBSS system, hoping to provide some help and enlight
    enment for the application of other companies' accounting gift ability in CBSS system.
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    A Peer-to-peer Chat Tool Based on Android Bluetooth Technology
    YANG Min HUANG Li-li
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 54-56.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.012
    In order to solve the problem of short-distance communication without Internet, this article designs and implements a point-to-point chat tool based on Android Bluetooth technology. Two mobile devices which connect each other via Bluetooth Socket are
    able to chat without Internet. It is an attempt of Bluetooth technology in the field of mobile social applications.
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    Research on Spectrum Compatibility of Radar and Communication in Battlefield
    YANG Yong-jun CHANG Ming GUO Yong LIN Xiao-fang
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 57-59.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.011
    With the development of information technology, the battlefield form is constantly transforming to the direction of informatization, the problem of spectrum compatibility is becoming more and more prominent due to the increase equipment and close frequency of radar and communication in battlefield. Firstly, this paper analyzes the difference of spectrum between radar and communication in battlefield, and then studies the spectrum compatibility of radar and communication in battlefield under the conditions of
    spectrum adjacent, spectrum cross and spectrum overlapping.
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    Remote Disaster Recovery of Cloud Data Center Based on EVPN
    LIAO Feng
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 60-64.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.011
    This paper analyzes the remote disaster recovery across resource pools based on the BGP+EVPN+vpnv4 technology. In order to achieve the goal of remote disaster recovery of cloud service, it describes how to design the topology and the scheme selection
    of VPN technology crossing multiple domains. It gives the general configuration templates for EVPN and L2VPN, and gives guidance suggestions on how to configure BGP routing policies and configure distributed gateway before migration of running services.
    Finally, it makes a comparative analysis of remote migration of virtual machines across resource pools based on cloud platform,
    which provides guidance for the investigation of migration problems and remote disaster recovery of business systems.
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    Design and Implementation of the AI-oriented Platform for Voice Data Acquisition Service
    WANG Zi-yun NIU Chen-yang
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 69-75.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.008
    To solve the problems of insufficient data volume and unbalanced sample distribution in dialect voice data acquisition for
    voice AI, a voice data acquisition service platform is designed and developed to provide voice data acquisition, task customization,
    voice and text data management, data labeling, data retrieval and download available for users to participate in enjoyable voice
    games in forms of WeChat mini program and mobile app, to realize customizable voice data acquisition, labeling and cross verification. It effectively solves the problem of imbalance of sample distribution of data acquisition while increasing the amount of voice data, improves the sampling coverage of dialect population and region, and enhances the voice data quality to boost dialect speech recognition.

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    Research on Landslide Hazard Susceptibility Evaluation Based on Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
    LIANG Xu
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 80-83.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.007
    The multi-criterion decision analysis method can evaluate the characteristics of a series of alternative schemes based on unrelated and inconsistent criteria, find the characteristics of the optimal decision analysis method, build a spatial multi-criterion decision analysis model based on the hierarchical analysis method, and apply it to the geological disaster susceptibility assessment. Taking landslide disaster in Fujian Province as the research object, the distribution density of disaster points, topography, formation lithology, meteorological conditions and human engineering activities are selected as landslide disaster prone factors, and conducted vulnerability evaluation with MapGIS and SPSS software. Using ROC curve to validate the evaluation results, it is concluded that the ROC curve area of the spatial multi-criterion decision analysis model is 0.852, which shows that the landslide disaster susceptibility evaluation result in Fujian Province is ideal, and it is reasonable to apply the spatial multi-criterion decision analysis model to the landslide disaster susceptibility evaluation.

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    Research on the Construction of Digital Platform of IT Project
    DUAN Gai-jia
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 84-89.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.005
    In order to effectively improve the company's IT resource usage, to respond to the company's requirements of fine control,a series of life cycle process control is implemented from start to finish of the Guangdong Unicom information project. This project establishes a new set of IT project operation process management system to support three major foundational fields which are project management, demand management and partner management, to achieve the comprehensive digital operation support goal of the business support process of the IT project, to realize the online operation of the project managers, to support the real-time control of the time, cost and quality and the endpoint node range for all stages of the IT project, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the quality and efficiency of the company.
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    Research and Design of a Data Acquisition and Analysis Platform
    YANG Yu
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 90-94.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.002
    With the continuous development of big data technology, network data collection technology has become a popular research field. Data collection function libraries based on Python language such as Urllib, Requests, Selenium and other modules are inefficient and easy to block, and the current data collection and analysis platforms are all independent functional modules, which do not form a closed loop and have a poor user experience. In order to solve the above problems, this paper proposes a data collection
    and analysis platform. First, the Scrapy framework is used to complete data collection, and then the Kettle tool is used to clean the
    collected data. The processed results are saved into the MySQL database. Finally, the Flask frame is combined with Echarts technology to build a Web system to visualize the data analysis results. This paper uses Beijing Public Transport website data as a crawlertest platform. Through the collection and analysis of bus line types, bus routes and other information, and the results display, the analysis results have certain guiding significance for the planning of urban public transport. At the same time, the platform is stable, reliable and easy to operate.

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    Research on Cloud Security Evaluation Model Based on Data Mining
    GONG Jian-feng
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 95-.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.001
    To improve the accuracy of the safety assessment, this paper constructs the cloud security evaluation model. It obtains the  evidence of the evaluation respectively from the host security, data security, physical security, network security and application security, using limit of machine learning algorithm. Data mining and membership degree method is used for data standardization and index weight calculation, finally obtaining the cloud security assessment. The experiment proves that the constructed cloud security evaluation model can quickly obtain the evaluation evidence of the cloud security evaluation index system, and make the evaluation results scientifically and comprehensively, reflecting the comprehensiveness of the evaluation.

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    Discussion on the Research Hotspots and Trends of Wisdom Education in China
    -- Visual Analysis Based on Knowledge Map
    PAN Dong-xia MO Jian-ying
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 99-104.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.003
    In recent years, intelligent education has become an important part of the development of educational informatization in
    China. This paper takes the core journals of CNKI and CSSCI database as the data source, takes the research literature on wisdom education from 2010 to 2021 as the research object, uses CiteSpace software to visually analyze the literature and draw a knowledge map to explore the hot spots and trends of wisdom education research in China. The research shows that the current situation of research in the field of smart education in China is on the rise, and a group of core research scholars have been formed. Their research hotspots are mainly educational informatization, educational big data, smart classroom, blockchain, smart campus, artificial intelligence, 5G, smart education. The research on the integrated development of educational modernization is the main trend of intellectual education research in China. Generally speaking, China has made some achievements in the field of wisdom education, but the research on practical application needs to be improved.

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    Research on the Curriculum Reform of PHP Dynamic Website Development in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on“1 + X”Certificate System
    XU Hui-qiong
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (11): 105-107.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.11.004
    According to the connotation and requirements of "1 + X" certificate system, combined with the current situation of PHP Dynamic Website Development course in Shanxi Polytechnic College, this paper introduces various teaching resources with enter prise real projects as the carrier, connects the teaching process with the working process, connects the course content with the assess ment standard of vocational skill level, so as to explore the ideas of teaching reform and course construction.
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