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    Design and Implementation of VOCs Comprehensive Management Platform
    in Petrochemical Industry
    REN Cong WANG Dan-yang
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 1-4.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.004
    In this paper, aiming at the problems existing in VOCs leak detection and governance in the petrochemical industry, a
    VOCs comprehensive governance and management platform is designed. The platform adopts the Spring Boot framework to build
    the infrastructure of the system and realize the separation of the front and back ends. The front end page is deployed in the public
    cloud to provide access for users, and the back end business is deployed in the private cloud, ensuring the safe operation of the system. After testing and field application, the system runs stably and reliably.

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    Ideological and Political Analysis and Teaching Reform of Computer Composition Principle
    in Colleges and Universities
    YAN Qing-feng LI Xiao-wen DUAN De-qing
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 5-13.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.007
    Take the Computer Composition Principle of the computer major course for example, this paper puts forward the ideological and political teaching ideas of Computer Composition Principle, excavates the hidden curriculum ideological and political elements, and probes into the curriculum ideological and political ideas contained in it; at the same time, it introduces the process of ideological and political teaching reform of Computer Composition Principle from the aspects of teaching content, teaching mode,
    teaching methods and means, teaching case design and so on. The aim is to do a good job in the ideological and political construction of university curriculum, improve students' political awareness and political literacy, establish students' correct moral concepts,and really make a certain contribution to educating people with culture and morality.

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    Summary of Research on Book Classification Model Technology in Smart Library
    SHEN Ya-ting SHAO Ying BIAN Kai
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 9-13.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.012
    This paper compares and analyzes three research models of book classification in recent years, which are the classification
    model based on ensemble learning, the classification model based on bidirectional LSTM and the classification model based on vector space model. Tested on the same data set, the accuracy of the latter two classification models is similar, and their accuracy is about 2% ~ 7% higher than that of the first model, in which the classification model based on vector space model takes less time.
    The accuracy of the classification model based on bidirectional LSTM can be improved, which will gradually increase with the in
    creasing of training times, but the time will also increase. These models play an important role in the book classification of the later
    Smart Library. Scholars can choose to use the above models according to their needs. For the research of different classification algorithms, they have the opportunity to make a breakthrough in the accuracy and speed of classification.

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    The Application of Intelligent Chatbot in C Language Programming Teaching
    YANG Ye ZHANG Ting-dong JIANG Xue-jun
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 14-20.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.017
    With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, Chatbot is also developing fast. The application of Chatbot in teaching can liberate the manpower required by relatively fixed and repetitive intensive tasks or processes in teaching. The customer-centered concept of Chatbot coincides with the student-centered concept of vocational education. This paper discusses the connotation of the teaching method of Chatbot. The project tries to combine the online evaluation OJ platform with Chatbot in order to energize the C language teaching and competition coaching. It analyzes the positive effects of Chatbot on C language teaching and teaching scenes, and actively explores the intelligent teaching mode based on AI.

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    Analysis and Evaluation of the Core Competence of New Engineering Students
    XIE Ling WEI Wei FANG Yun LUAN Di
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 17-20.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.013
    In the process of transformation of applied universities, the ability training of new engineering talents has shifted from focusing on knowledge, academic, and technical capabilities to the full development of knowledge, academic, technical, social capabilities and personal effectiveness. The capabilities of social abilities and personal effectiveness coincide with the ideological and political requirements of the curriculum. The article starts from the reform and innovation of new engineering education, and establishes a
    curriculum evaluation system with the cultivation of students' five core abilities as the core. The analytic hierarchy process is used to calculate the weight of each indicator, and a summary table of the weight of the hierarchy is obtained. The article takes the Digital Logic Circuit of the automation major for example, establishes the course evaluation index rules, obtains the data from the information teaching platform and the special management system, and carries out the course evaluation. This method provides an effective reference for the functional departments of colleges and universities for the evaluation of students' core competence and the formulation of training programs, and has certain reference significance.

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    UAV Coherent Signal DOA Estimation Algorithm Based on Toeplitz Matrix Reconstruction
    CAO Cong-hui LAN Qiang HOU Qun
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 21-24.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.014
    In this paper, the two-dimensional coherent DOA estimation algorithm based on the TOEPLITZ matrix reconstruction is designed for real-time regulatory drones, and the virtual line array model is established to receive the drone coherent signal, and the
    signal is realized by matrixing the covariance matrix. The Toeplitz matrix is built, and the two- dimensional DOA estimation for
    drone signals is achieved by calculating spatial spectrum. Simulation analysis shows that the DOA estimation accuracy rate of this
    paper is high and better performance.

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    The Present Situation and Teaching Strategies of "Internet plus Education"
    for Regional Primary and Secondary School Teachers
    LU He-ping WU Yan-hui
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 25-28.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.005
    Internet plus has spawned a new educational ecosystem of basic education. This article combs the current situation of "Internet plus education" for regional primary school teachers. It explores the teaching strategies of "Internet plus education" for primary and secondary school teachers from four aspects, which are optimizing teaching design, improving teaching experience, opening
    teaching time and space, and improving teaching management, to provide reference for primary and secondary school teachers to carry out teaching practice and educational research.

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    Research on the Integration and Innovation of New Engineering Courses to Improve Students'
    Innovative Ability under the Concept of Steam Education
    JI Xia XIONG Qiu-e
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 29-46.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.019
    The training of new engineering talents under the professional certification of engineering education requires to strengthen
    students' innovation ability and cultivate cross compound professionals with humanistic quality, professional ethics, social responsibility, innovative consciousness and innovative practice ability. The main characteristics of new engineering are discipline integration and intersection, which coincides with STEAM's concept of innovation-cultivation and problem-oriented and project learning.Through the research on the integration of new engineering courses under the steam concept, it provides a certain reference basis for the construction of new engineering courses.

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    Practical Research on Online Course Teaching Reform Based on ADDIE Model
    --Take 5G Network Planning and Optimization for Example
    LIU Gang
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 32-57.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.003
    At present, information technologies such as cloud computing, AI technology, mobile internet and 5G other are accelerating the change of traditional education and teaching methods. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic in the past two years, online education, Chinese university MOOC and smart vocational education have rapidly developed, and education and teaching informatization are being used to promote teaching reform. This paper uses the ADDIE model to analyze the online design of 5G Network
    Planning and Optimization, implements the education and teaching reform of the course classroom, and improves the combination of
    theoretical and practical abilities of communication technology students. Based on the background of the ADDIE model framework,
    it designs the course teaching of 5G Network Planning and Optimization from five major systems, including teaching analysis, teach
    ing design, teaching development, teaching implementation and teaching evaluation, which can improve teaching effects.

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    Indexicality of Space: the Construction of Space in the Current National Style Mobile Games
    XIA Hong-kun YAN Ke-xu
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 35-.  
    In recent years, cell phones have become an important position for the development of games due to their portability, interactivity and communication, and the resulting space of mobile games has become a mental space and "second living space" for players. This paper further explores the philosophical nature of the space constructed by mobile games and the relevance of the space
    constructed by mobile games to the real society, citing Henri Lefebvre’s spatial theory. The virtual space of mobile games carries virtual social relations based on network information, and the increasing saturation of information makes it indexical in nature, so it is necessary to explore the guiding nature of mobile games brought by players with the viewpoint of pros and cons. In particular, it is important to clarify how traditional cultural elements to be integrated and symbiotic with mobile games.

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    Research on the Design and Application of "VR+AI" Education Service Platform
    WAN Chen
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 38-41.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.008
    The integration of virtual reality and artificial intelligence is a new trend in future education development. The article starts
    with analyzing the problems faced in the development of smart campus, and proposes a novel "VR+AI" mode of education service
    platform in response to the existing problems. It discusses on the goal of the "VR+AI" education service platform construction indepth, designs the "VR+AI" education service platform model, overall technical architecture and functions, and analyzes the multiple application scenarios of the service platform in education and teaching. The platform can accelerate the construction of smart campuses in universities, promote the deep integration of teaching, management, service, campus life and information technology,and promote the connotative development of universities.

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    Research on Precise Measurement of Linewidth on Printed Circuit Board Based on
    Image Processing Technology and Illumination Adjustment Method
    HONG Run-li HE Jia-le GU Qing-hong ZHANG Zhen-wen HUANG Jie-xian
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 42-46.  
    In order to realize precise measurement for printed circuit board linewidth, Coaxial light is selected as AOI lighting system. Through image processing technology, the gradient feature around boundary region is extracted. And least squares curve fitting
    is performed on gradient data, the precise position of boundary is located, so the measuring value of linewidth is calculated. Furthermore, for ensuring measuring accuracy, the research also analyzes relation between illuminator and measuring accuracy. And an illumination adjustment method based on entropy is proposed. After the method is implemented to achieve the best illuminator, the measuring result is pleasant, the average measuring error can be reduced to 13um, about 1/4 pixel on the condition that the image ratio is 55.7um per pixel. The method is very practical, and provides referent value to precise measuring work based on image processing technology.

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    Research on Process Generation Heuristic Teaching in Data Mining Course
    DU Zhen-xin
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 47-49.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.021
    The content of undergraduate Data Mining and Machine Learning course is abstract and difficult to understand. The traditional teaching materials of colleges and universities are mainly lecture teaching. At present, a large number of case-based and project-based teaching methods have been proposed to reduce the learning difficulty, but they still have the disadvantages of abstraction,
    not easy to implement and lack of analysis of algorithm principles. In this paper, the process generation heuristic teaching is proposed for the first time in the Data Mining course, and the prototype of students' life experience is gradually formalized into a rigorous data mining algorithm, which reduces the learning difficulty, contributes to students' deep understanding of the algorithm and achieves better teaching results, on the basis of ensuring the correctness and scientificity of subject knowledge teaching, helps students generate subject literacy and subject ability.

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    Research on the Resource Library Model of Database Course Based on Cloud Storage
    YUAN Jing
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 50-52.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.011
    In the background of the cloud technology era with the development of Internet, cloud computing is applied to our daily life. As the derivative technology of cloud computing, cloud storage is widely used in our work, learning and gaming. The technology of cloud storage used in education becomes the focus. This article takes the database course of the computer major for example,
    discusses the mode to build the resources library model of the course based on cloud storage, including the model building of the
    cloud storage platform, the resource library building of the course and the application of the resource library in teaching, hoping to
    change thought, idea and method of education in the cloud technology era.

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    Design and Application of Virtual Exhibition Hall Based on 3D Technology
    TANG Cui-lan TAO Xin CHEN Tai-dong
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 53-57.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.020
    With the continuous development of science and technology, 3D technology has been gradually applied in various fields.
    Based on the three- dimensional technology and the rise of virtual exhibition hall, Virtual Tour and other projects also began to
    emerge. This paper describes the 3D virtual exhibition hall, analyzes the deficiency of the traditional exhibition hall, the advantage
    of the 3D virtual exhibition hall, and the technical realization of the virtual exhibition hall. It combines the advanced VR technology
    with the classic form, bringing different unique experience for users.

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    Optimization Strategy of Privacy-oriented BRNN Protection
    TONG Wei HUANG Qi-ping
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 58-61.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.006
    This paper introduces a strong privacy-guaranteed BRNN query architecture based on PIR, and proposes an orthogonal optimization technique to further improve the query efficiency. Firstly, this paper analyzes the privacy-oriented BRNN query, secondly introduces the method of BRNN query processing, and finally proposes the orthogonal optimization technology to further improve the query efficiency and experimental verification. The key problems to be solved in this paper include improving the success rate of query, reducing the time of anonymous query and improving the accuracy of data modeling.

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    Score Data Mining of Traffic Management Engineering Major Course
    YU Ye
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 62-65.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.018
    The traffic management engineering major aims to cultivate professionals engaged in road traffic management. Correlation
    analysis and principal component analysis are conducted based on scores of 12 major courses learned by 2015 and 2016 traffic management engineering major graduates. It is found that vehicle and driver management, traffic order management, and traffic accident prevention and handling are highly correlated with multiple other courses. However, road traffic planning and organization, traffic accident site investigation and inspection and identification technology, and skills training in traffic law enforcement are less relevant to other courses. The first two principal components extracted based on principal component analysis can explain more than 50% of the variance in the course score data, and can reflect students’overall professionalism.

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    Research and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode Based on OBE under the Background
    of New Engineering--Take Database Principle Course for Example
    CHEN Ya-rui YANG Guang
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 66-68.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.001
    Aiming at the current teaching status of the Database Principle course, this paper proposes a blended teaching strategy with cases as the core to bridge the course teaching content, projects as the core to optimize the course experimental content, and student as the center. The practice results show that this method can cultivate students' overall thinking of database, improve the quality
    of course learning, stimulate students' independent learning ability, and make teaching more in line with the training needs of database talents in the New Engineering.

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    Research on Safety Risk Monitoring and Early Warning System of Key Enterprises
    in Industry and Trade
    ZHENG Rui YANG Peng ZHOU Su-xu LI Cheng
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 69-72.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.010
    The industry and trade industry is a collective term for all types of non-high-risk industries directly supervised by emergency management departments at all levels, including eight categories, characterized by complex hazards and risk points and the inherent safety level of enterprises is unsatisfactory. In this paper, a risk monitoring and early warning system is developed to improve the informatization level of supervision in enterprises of the industry and trade. The system makes contributions to the refined management of key enterprises,the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, the enhancement of information sharing of management departments at all levels. As a result, the intelligent level of safety supervision will be improved compre hensively

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    Implementation and Application of Automated Test Method in Blockchain Service Platform
    LI Dan-xia LIU Shu-ting ZHOU Tao DONG Xin
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 73-80.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.016
    In order to improve the testing efficiency of the blockchain service platform, reduce the regression testing cost in the rapid
    iteration process of the version, and reduce the risk of manual missed testing, an interface automation testing framework IATest
    based on Python3 + Requests is designed and developed with the study of automated testing technology and combining with the
    characteristics of the blockchain management platform interface testing. It realizes the automation of the whole testing process from interface parameter parsing, test data generation to test result comparison and statistical analysis. It greatly improves testing efficiency and reduces the risk caused by limited manual regression coverage of interface changes

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    Prevention and Control Strategies of Telecommunications Fraud Crime
    under the Background of "Intelligence-led Policing"
    CHEN Xin-yi GE Gao-jing YUAN Ze-yuan
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 76-80.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.009
    With the rapid development of economic society and mobile Internet communication technology, the occurrence frequency
    of telecommunications fraud crime is increasingly high, whose means and characteristics also present various new trends, which
    makes the detection of the investigators more challenging. Under the background of the era of big data and cloud computing, the
    function of "Intelligence-led Policing" becomes increasingly prominent. Owing to this mode guiding the prediction of crime model
    and the prevention and investigation of crime, we can optimize the current mechanism of combating telecommunications fraud to a large extent, and promote the governance efficiency and quality of primary- level public security practice of telecommunications

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    Application Analysis of Large-angle Spotlight Antenna in Community Depth Coverage Scenario
    ZHAO Jia-chun
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (12): 81-85.   DOI: 10.15966/j.cnki.dnydx.2021.12.015
    With the acceleration of urbanization in China, the number of high-rise buildings has increased dramatically, and high-rise
    residential areas depth coverage (more than 25 layers) is still a difficult point in 4G network construction. The conventional spotlight antenna of which the horizontal half-power beam width is 65 degree cannot solve the high and low layer coverage requirements very well. Aiming at this problem, a wide-angle spotlight antenna with a horizontal beam width about 25 degrees and a vertical beam width about 65 degrees can effectively improve the signal strength and coverage at high and low levels. This paper summarizes the applicable scene and antenna configuration principle of large-angle spotlight antenna by analyzing and testing the coverage effect of large-angle spotlight antenna on the residential areas. Different construction schemes are formulated for different building heights, width and spacing to provide reference for the design of deep coverage in high-rise residential areas.

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