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    Facial Expression Recognition Based on Dense Connected Convolution Structure
    MA Jin-feng
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 1-5.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0001-05
    Face expression recognition is an important branch of image processing and a hot topic in computer vision research. Thetraditional convolutional neural network improve the accuracy of the network by deepening the number of network layers and ex-panding the scale of model parameters, but compared with the traditional machine learning algorithm, its accuracy has not been sig-nificantly improved. For this reason, inspired by DenseNet, a network model M-Densenet is designed, which is specifically appliedto facial expression recognition. This model is used to conduct experiments on Fer2013gray expression recognition data set. The ex-perimental results show that the model is used to conduct experiments on Fer2013gray expression recognition data set. With a highaccuracy rate of70.45%, compared with the traditional convolutional neural network, the number of parameters of the model is low-er and the utilization rate of model parameters is higher.
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    Design of Remote Positioning Tracked Vehicle with Smart Phone
    XING Hong-cheng WEN Wen-xiang YUAN Jun-quan YANG Cong HUANG Heng-yiFU San-li
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 1-26.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0023-04
    This paper designs a smart phone remote positioning tracked vehicle, including power module, dual steering manipulatormodule, WiFi module, positioning module, camera module, power module, power voltage display module and tracked vehicle chas-sis. Users can use Android application to realize the front, back, left and right movement of the car, and query the movement track ofthe car through Baidu map on the computer. It can display the pictures transmitted by the camera in real time on the APP control in-terface, and also obtain the position and trajectory of the car in real time through the positioning module, which breaks through thelimitation of time and space, and has a wide application prospect in daily life and military.
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    Exploration on the Construction of University Library for EngineeringEducation Specialty Certification
    LI Li WANG Zhong-qun WANG Yong
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 6-8.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0006-03
    With the advancement of the national "Double Ten Thousand Plan", engineering education professional certification, thatis the result of the national first-class specialty construction, has been paid more attention by universities. University library is an im-portant supporting condition for engineering education professional certification. How to explore the construction mode of universi-ty library under the new background is an urgent problem to be solved. In view of the requirement of engineering education profes-sion certification to the library, this paper gives the exploration for university library in the document resources construction, supportgraduation requirements, resources sharing and use mechanism, teaching/research services, which can be used for reference to theconstruction of other university libraries.
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    Teaching Reform and Practice of Smart Tourism Data Science Course
    YAO Jian-sheng LIU Yan-ling
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 9-11.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-009-03
    At present, smart tourism supported by Internet of things, big data and cloud computing technology has become the neces-sity of tourism development, and it has become an urgent task to cultivate talents in the direction of smart tourism. As the key tech-nology of smart tourism, big data analysis technology is the technical core course of smart tourism talent training. However, thereare some problems in the practical teaching of big data course in the direction of smart tourism, such as the formulation of trainingplan and teaching content, the selection of teaching methods and assessment methods, etc. Based on the case study of IntelligentTourism Discipline in school of tourism and landscape architecture of Guilin University of technology, this paper discussesontheproblems and reform practice of data science teaching in the process ofintelligenttourismtalenttraining.
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    Study on the Perception of Rural Tourism Image of Longji Terrace in Guilin
    WEI Wen-jing YAO Jian-sheng LIU Yan-ling
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 12-.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0012-04
    Taking Longji terrace as an example, with the help of user generated content, this paper uses the web crawler technology based on Python to obtain the comment data about Guilin Longji rural tourism from the tourism websites of TripAdvisor, Ctrip and Qunar, and then analyzes the tourists' image perception of Guilin rural tourism destination. Through the analysis, four aspects of tourism landscape, scenic area environment, tourism service and tourism experience are the main embodiment of tourists' image perception of Longji terrace scenic area. It also gives some targeted and constructive strategies to improve the image perception of tourism destination
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    Research on Talents Training Program of Big Data Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges ——Taking Guangzhou City Construction College as an Example
    SONG Man
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 16-22.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0016-07
    Taking Guangzhou City Construction College as an example, this paper makes a detailed discussion on the professional talent training program for the major of Big Data Technology and Application from the aspects of career orientation and post analysis, training objectives and specifications, curriculum setting and implementation guarantee. Firstly, the article introduces the job analysis from the occupation orientation, obtains the personnel training objectives and specifications through the job analysis, determines the setting of the course content according to the personnel training objectives, and finally discusses the implementation guarantee of the personnel training program in detail. The discussion and implementation of the talent training program have laid a foundation for the training of high-quality technical and skilled personnel in this specialty
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    Design of Remote Positioning Tracked Vehicle with Smart Phone
    XING Hong-cheng WEN Wen-xiang YUAN Jun-quan YANG Cong HUANG Heng-yi FU San-li
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 23-26.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0023-04
    This paper designs a smart phone remote positioning tracked vehicle, including power module, dual steering manipulator module, WiFi module, positioning module, camera module, power module, power voltage display module and tracked vehicle chassis. Users can use Android application to realize the front, back, left and right movement of the car, and query the movement track of the car through Baidu map on the computer. It can display the pictures transmitted by the camera in real time on the APP control interface, and also obtain the position and trajectory of the car in real time through the positioning module, which breaks through the limitation of time and space, and has a wide application prospect in daily life and military
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    Exploration on the Integration Model of Production,Learningand Education for New Engineering Based on STEAM
    JIANG Chuan-jian
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 27-29.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0027-03
    Under the background of new engineering,this paper explores on the integration model of production, learning and teach-ing of new engineering specialty based on STEAM.This model focuses on the construction of interdisciplinary knowledge frame-work,focuses on problems and contact with actual engineering projects of enterprises, to cultivate students' ability to solve complexengineering problems, communication and coordination ability, teamwork ability, independent thinking ability and innovative prac-tice ability, promoting the development of new engineering professional application-oriented personnel training.
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    Create Online Teaching Mode with Characteristics——TakingBasicComputerCourse as an Example
    LIU Yan
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 30-32.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0030-03
    Developing online teaching is a new teaching measure brought by the Ministry of Education in response to the require-ments of COVID-19's prevention and control. This paper builds online teaching mode from the aspects of online resources, livebroadcast, student management and evaluation methods, so as to ensure the quality of online teaching and create an efficient onlineclassroom.Keywords:Keywords:online teaching; computational thinking; curriculum, ideological and political education
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    Design and Implementation of WSN Smart Library Environment Awareness System
    XIA Yu-hong XIA Wen-zhong
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 33-35.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0033-03
    The WSN intelligent library environment awareness system uses ZigBee technology to collect and process the library tem-perature, temperature, illumination and smoke information, and uses the WSN gateway to process the data and transmit it to the up-per computer, so as to realize the decision and processing of information and realize the intelligent management of the library envi-ronment.
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    Design of Baggage Detection System Based on Deep Learning
    XU Ming-yuan YANG Yan-hong
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 36-40.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0036-05
    A baggage detection system based on deep learning is designed to solve the problem of high security pressure faced by large places. The core of the system adopts VGG-16 and SSD framework. According to the requirements of security inspection, it can track, locate and identify the baggage that has passed the X-ray scan of security inspection machine. The results are presented to users through the alarm mechanism of the system, and real-time statistics and evaluation are carried out. The system is divided into three modules: detection module, Java background module and Web foreground module. The practice results show that the system has a better identification effect and can meet the production requirements on site.
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    Exploration on the Teaching Method of Communication Principle under the Background of Professional Certification
    ZHANG Yue-xing SHAO Xiang-y
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 41-43.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0041-03
    In order to ensure the quality of education and enhance international competitiveness, professional certification is imperative. This paper discusses on the teaching methods of Communication Principle and puts forward some suggestions, such as changing the teaching concept, taking students as the center, reforming the teaching mode, mixing various teaching methods, strengthening the cooperation between schools and enterprises, cultivating the engineering application ability, etc. It has positive significance to enhance the adaptability of communication engineering students to industrial development.
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    Research on Virtual Cloud Desktop Application Technology Based on VDI
    XU Zhao-xiang
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 44-46.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0044-03
    Aiming at the problems of difficult maintenance and low security in computer management, this paper proposes a virtual desktop cloud topology based on VDI by combining with the advantages of cloud desktop, and puts forward the application scenarios by comparing the virtual cloud desktop and traditional PC, aiming to put forward new ideas for the future deployment of computer equipment through the effective combination of virtual cloud desktop and traditional PC.
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    Active Calling Device for Swimming Pool Based on Wireless Communication 
    LUO Shan YANG Jia-hang LIU Hong-rui
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 47-50.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0047-04
    In recent years, with the popularization of swimming, the danger of drowning in the process of swimming is increasing day by day. If the drowning person cannot be found in time, the swimmer will face great danger or even lose his life. Aiming at the existing problems of swimming pool, monitoring equipment and rescue system, an active calling device for swimming pool based on wireless communication technology is designed. The whole device is composed of two parts: transmitter and receiver. The information is transmitted by wireless data transmission module between them. The water level electrode sensor is used to detect the state of the swimmer in the water, to confirm whether the swimmer is drowning, and to alarm in time. The device is scientific in design and easy to use. Through the active call for help, the rescue efficiency of the swimming pool is improved to a certain extent, and the risk of safety problems for swimmers is reduced.
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    Application of Project-based Teaching in the Course of Dynamic Web Design
    WU Peng-hui
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 51-53.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0051-03
    Through the innovative project-driven teaching, taking "project as the line, teacher as the lead, students as the center", the course of Dynamic Web Design introduces the actual production development project of the enterprise, inculcates the project management idea, uses the online information teaching platform, enables the student to master the curriculum knowledge, simultaneously can enhance the problem-solving ability, the study new technology ability, the project management ability and establishes the objective, meticulous and rigorous science view, stimulates the student to make the contribution enthusiasm for the information technology development of our country
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    Simulation of LLC Resonant Converter Based on PLECS
    GONG Cheng-lin
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 53-58.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0054-05
    This paper introduces the topology of LLC, establishes the fundamental equivalent model of LLC, analyzes its working principle, and makes a detailed analysis of the working process of LLC in three working areas, then designs a DC power supply with input of DC350 ~ 640V, output of DC440v and power of 3KW, and finally establishes a simulation model on PLECS simulation software to build a voltage closed loop to verify the design
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    Design of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Communication Module Based on DSP28335 
    YU Hui-dong CHEN Xin WANG Shu-lei
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 62-65.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0062-04
    Inertial navigation system has the advantages of good autonomy, good concealment and strong anti-jamming ability. It is widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace and weapon systems. Strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) is a digital inertial navigation system which is fixedly connected with carrier. Digital signal transmission and communication are the premise and foundation of navigation. Based on the hardware architecture of DSP 28335, this paper designs the serial communication module of SINS, which can realize the high-speed serial communication between SINS and DSP. The validity and reliability of data communication are verified by experiments
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    Sewage Quality Prediction Based on LSTM Neural Network and DBSCAN Algorithm
    DENG Rui WEI Sheng-nan
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 66-73.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0066-08
    : In the sewage treatment process, one of the important steps is to predict the sewage quality, so that we can understand the changes of the sewage quality. In order to obtain more accurate water quality prediction results, the collected historical sewage data of a sewage treatment plant is first normalized and missing values is filled, etc., and select seven indicators such as ORP (OxidationReduction Potential), DO (Dissolved Oxygen), pH as input variables; then use the DBSCAN(Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise) algorithm to obtain the clustered sewage data, thus the similar sewage data are grouped into one category; finally, the LSTM neural network model is used to predict the values of the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Ammonia Nitrogen (NH4N) and Total Phosphorus (TP), so as to know the changes of water quality. The experimental results show that the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) value and Mean Absolute Error (MAE) value of the prediction results are both small, and the predicted values are close to the actual values, the prediction results are more accurate.
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    Research on the Integration of Applied Undergraduate Ideological and Political Elements into the Course Education of Principles of Communications
    HUA Lei
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 74-77.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0074-04
    The essence of education is to cultivate people with morality. It is not only the task of ideological and political courses to cultivate the correct world outlook, personal outlook and values of contemporary youth. All professional courses should be closely organized. It is urgent to integrate ideological and political elements into the professional courses of Principles of Communications. The current hot topics are introduced into the classroom content, and the ideological and political topics are subtly introduced into the Principles of Communications course by stages and steps. The teaching methods and means in and out of class are reformed, the process assessment of students' performance are strengthened, and the students' ability of experiment, simulation and practice are improved,establishing an innovative practice system of "basic-ideological and political-complex-innovation" to cultivate the spirit of craftsmanship while establishing a sense of social responsibility and national pride. With the integration of ideological and political elements as the goal, teaching reform as the way, practice as the testing mean, the goal of integrating value shaping, knowledge impart and ability cultivation is achieved, and the new situation of the development of application-oriented universities is created
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    Research on the Experimental Teaching Framework of Software Engineering Economics for New Engineering
    LIU Fang
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 78-81.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0078-03
    Software engineering economics is an important professional course of software engineering. This course focuses on improving students' economic ability and awareness of analyzing software projects. However, the current teaching methods of engineering economics are limited to theoretical teaching, lacking experimental links, and failing to achieve the expected teaching effects. In order to meet the needs of the new engineering teaching reform of software engineering major, this paper proposes a teaching framework for the experimental links of software engineering economics, and introduces the experimental teaching reform process of software engineering economics from the experimental items, experimental content and requirements. Practice shows that the combination of theory and experiment can improve students' understanding of teaching content, increase their interest in learning courses, and enhance their ability to use economics to analyze and process software projects.
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    Exploration and Practice of Intelligent Training Based on CDL Architecture ——Take the Major of Information Security and Management as an Example
    LI Ai-sheng
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (4): 81-85.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)04-0081-05
    Practical teaching is an important part of contemporary vocational education in China and it is an important means to cultivate students' vocational skills. This paper describes three ways to realize the intelligent training, puts forward the CDL intelligent training three-layer model architecture design, which are application layer, control layer and facility layer. Finally, it analyzes the practice of CDL intelligent training in information security and management specialty.
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