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    The VehicleAd Hoc Network PerformanceAnalysis Based on Rayleigh Decay Model
    HUANG Meng-yao WANG Yu TANG Chen YU Jing WANG Qin
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 1-6.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0001-06
     This paper mainly studies on the performance of vehicle ad hoc network based on Rayleigh decay channel. Considering
    the highway scenario, this paper analyzes several network performance indicators of vehicle communication with roadside units,
    such as interrupt probability, packet error probability, average packet loss probability, and so on. Numerical simulation is performed
    to discuss the effects of different parameters on these network performance indicators, including the size of the competition window,
    the size of the packet, the number of vehicles, the speed of the vehicle, and the arrival rate of the packet. Simulation results show
    that the proposed network performance analysis model is valid. This model can be used to analyze the influence of various parame-
    ters on the performance of the off-road communication network in highway scenarios, and provide reference for designing a reason-
    able roadside unit deployment scheme.
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    Implementation and Reform ofEntrepreneurship Course Teaching for Software Specialtyin Higher Vocational Colleges-- Taking ERP Sand Table Entrepreneurship as an Example
    JIAO Xin
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 7-20.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0007-03
    With the rapid development of the country, the demand for training the innovation quality of college talents is more urgent,all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship courses enter into the university classroom, but the current design and implementationmethods for this kind of course have a certain abstractness, it cannot be well adapted to the specific professional. Combined with thecharacteristics of software technology majors, this paper takes a specific course as an example to conduct detailed research on designand implementation methods, focusing on the analysis and exploration of learning situation, teaching strategies and teaching process,and further complete teaching reflection and improvement through feedback mechanism, thus forming a complete teaching closed-loop. The practice has proved that the method proposed in this paper can achieve good results in the teaching of software technologymajors, effectively improve the teaching quality, and can provide reference for the design and implementation of similar courses inrelated majors.
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    Discussion on Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in Private Colleges and Universities
    WANG Liang-cheng
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 10-12.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0010-03
    Private university students occupy a considerable proportion in full-time college students, having great impact on societywith large crowd. Innovative entrepreneurship education is an important part of the talent training system, and it also an importantpart of the talent training in liberal education. By analyzing the characteristics and advantages of innovative entrepreneurship educa-tion in colleges and universities at home and abroad, aiming at the students of private colleges and universities, this paper exploreson the innovative entrepreneurship education mode and practice fitting for our country, to improve their entrepreneurial ability, there-by increasing the social identity and social influence of private colleges and universities, and being conducive to its sustainable de-velopment
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    Intrusion Detection Method Based on Cluster Analysis and Transfer Learning
    HUANG Qing-lan
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 13-15.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0013-03
    When the distribution of training and test samples is inconsistent, the main problem for the practical application of traditional machine learning algorithms in intrusion detection is that the detection accuracy is low. To solve the problem, this paper proposes an instruction detection method based on clustering analysis and transfer learning. Firstly, the hierarchical sampling technology based on clustering is used to obtain a small amount of labeled data for transfer classification training, so that the distribution of data for transfer classification is as similar as possible to the data distribution to be detected. Then the simple transfer classification model is applied to the field of intrusion detection. The experimental results on the NSL-KDD data set show that the detection method has higher detection accuracy than the traditional machine learning algorithms
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    Simulation Modeling of Cognitive Radio Spectrum Allocation Based on Graph Theory Model
    LIU Xinhao MA Xin-rui WANG Da-wei
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 16-20.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0016-05
    According to the availability and interference conditions of spectrum allocation, it is a major feature of the existing re-search to abstract the network composed of cognitive users into a graph, and promote the study of spectrum allocation by graph theo-ry. The final spectrum allocation strategy is usually recorded in the non-interference allocation matrix, but the problem of high cod-ing dimension often exists when it is encoded directly. In order to simulate and model cognitive radio spectrum allocation more effi-ciently, the availability matrix is extracted and encoded and reduced to one-dimensional matrix. After optimization, the availabilitymatrix is restored according to the original corresponding relationship, so as to better reduce the coding dimension and the spatial di-mension of understanding. Experimental results show that this method can complete simulation modeling of radio spectrum alloca-tion more efficiently and quickly.
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    Human Pose Estimation Based on Improved Simple Baselines
    ZHOU Kun-yang ZHAO Meng-ting ZHANG Hai-chao JIANG Wen
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 21-25.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0021-05
    Human pose estimation has been widely used in many fields. In order to improve the accuracy of human pose estimation, ahuman pose estimation algorithm based on Simple Baselines is proposed. Firstly, the Backbone ResNet152in Simple Baselines is re-placed with the Backbone in Fasthand algorithm to improve the accuracy of model detection. Secondly, a Pose Refine Machine is in-troduced to improve the accuracy of the model. The experimental results show that the model achieves75.8% AP on COCO test-dev,which is2.1% higher than that on Simple Baselines.
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    Research on the Detection of Abnormal Behavior of College StudentsBased on Density Peak Clustering
    LI Hui-fang ZHONG Xin-cheng FU Xiao-li
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 26-29.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0026-04
    The detection of abnormal behavior of college students is a worthy research topic in college student management, whichhelps universities to evaluate abnormal student populations scientifically and quickly. Aiming at the lagging management methodssuch as traditional questionnaire survey and regular screening in universities, this paper proposes an algorithm to detect the abnormalbehavior of college students based on feature-weighted density peak clustering. The algorithm first adopts the Euclidean distance ofthe weighted feature to represent the sample distance, then uses the density peak clustering to classify the student samples without la-bel, and finally distinguishes the sample points whose local density does not exceed the boundary density as abnormal points.
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    Research on Data Center Deployment Scheme Based on the FusionModule Intelligent Micromodule
    DONG Li-peng ZHANG Feng
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 30-32.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0030-03
    With the rapid development of big data technology, the scale of the data center computer room is expanding, the number ofIT equipment is increasing, and the decentralized traditional data center has been unable to cope with the trend of server develop-ment, such as virtualization, centralization, high density and so on. Taking the big data Center in Yangcheng County as an example,this paper expounds the modular data center architecture, Huawei FusionModule intelligent micromodules and actual deploymentfrom the point of view of application, in order to provide ideas for the construction of big data center in various regions.
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    Exploration andPractice on Teaching ofComputerDrawingfor the Major of Mineral Processing Engineering
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 33-35.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0033-03
    Engineering education professional certification has become the main trend of the college specialty construction. In thiscontext, the construction of professional courses put forward higher requirements. The ideological and political education of curricu-lum is the trend of course teaching in the future. Integrating the ideological and political education of college students into the spe-cialized knowledge education, and achieving the effect of the ideological and political education by using the specialized classroomis the general idea of teaching reform in the future. Combined with the actual teaching work, this paper summarizes and analyzes theproblems existing in the teaching ofComputer Drawingcourse, updates the teaching contents to combine with the professional prac-tice, reforms and improves the teaching methods, and explores on the classroom teaching practice and the mode of ideological andpolitical in curriculums. Under the background of engineering education certification and new engineering construction, it is expect-ed that the teaching reform work can improve the teaching effect and quality of the course, and play a positive role in training ofqualified professional and technical personnel.
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    Design and Innovation of the Experimental Course ofComputerCompositionPrinciple
    YAN Yuan-hai
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 36-38.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0036-03
    Some basic hardware knowledge about analog circuits and digital circuits must be acquired by students in order to learnthe course ofComputerCompositionPrinciple. Even students have learned analog circuits and digital circuits, most of them have lit-tle interest due to their major directions. As a result, basic hardware knowledge is still their weaknesses. Therefore, curriculum inno-vation must be constantly explored to increase students' interest in learning and then to improve their learning efficiency. This articleaims at emphasizing the importance of experimental instruction and practice process; meanwhile, adopting a student-centered meth-odology to develop their initiative and creativity which enable students to improve their experimental proficiency
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    Application of Micro Course in Ecological Teaching Mode of Computer Majorin Higher Vocational Colleges
    TANG Di HUANG Si-han
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 39-41.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0039-03
    As a new classroom teaching mode, micro class has gradually improved the shortcomings of the traditional teaching mode.Meanwhile, the ecological teaching mode is more in line with the cognitive characteristics of students with the blessing of microclass, bringing continuous vitality to the teaching of computer courses in higher vocational colleges. This paper mainly analyzes theadvantages of micro class and the characteristics of computer ecological teaching mode, and explores how to effectively apply microclass in the classroom teaching of computer ecological teaching mode, so as to promote the teaching reform of computer specialty inhigher vocational colleges.
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    Research on the Achievement Evaluation of the Course ofNetwork Protocol AnalysisBased on OBE Concept
    SUN Xiao-ling LI Shan-shan SHEN Yan-ping JIA Qin-qin
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 42-45.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0042-04
    The achievement evaluation of graduation requirement is the basis of specialty construction and curriculum reform, is thecore of engineering education professional certification. Graduation requirements are ultimately implemented in the curriculum, ac-cording to the support of the course for the graduation requirements index points, decompose the teaching objectives, the achieve-ment of graduation requirements is supported by the achievement of teaching objectives. Taking the course of network protocol anal-ysis as an example, this paper systematically discusses on the basis of the achievement evaluation of curriculum objectives, the set-ting of assessment, the calculation method of achievement degree and the analysis of achievement result.
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    Design of Mobile Phone Remote Monitoring Robot Intelligent Vehicle
    HUANG Heng-yi FU SAN-li
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 46-49.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0046-04
    n this paper, an intelligent vehicle is designed, which can realize the remote control of the robot arm of the intelligent vehi-cle and the image monitoring of the target area through the mobile phone. Arduino chip controller is the main control module of theintelligent vehicle. The hardware module is divided into driver module, manipulator module, Bluetooth communication module andmonitoring module. The software part is divided into two parts: the program code of the intelligent vehicle control chip and the appli-cation program of the mobile phone control terminal. Users control the smart car by operating the smart phone application, and com-plete the grasping work of the target area through the robot arm on the intelligent vehicle. In addition, the router and monitoring cam-era on the intelligent vehicle realize the real-time return of the image of the target area. The wireless remote controlling and monitor-ing of intelligent vehicle can make the operation of intelligent vehicle more convenient and more functional, and can replace humanbeings to complete the task of wireless grasping in dangerous areas.
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    Structure Design and Improvement of a Cabinet Based on Finite Element Analysis
    WEI Zi-yin
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 50-52.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0050-02
    According to the design requirements, the cabinet needs to be inserted8groups of test modules, and realize the function ofjoint adjustment and display through cable and network connection. In the process of cabinet structure design, this paper combineswith different working conditions of material selection to obtain different deformations according to the stress with finite elementanalysis, and finds out the weak area and finally designs and improves it
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    The Application of Promise in Wechat Applet Login
    ZHOU Lan
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 52-55.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0052-04
    In the process of getting Wechat user information in the login process of Wechat applet, it is necessary to carry out a num-ber of related asynchronous request operations to obtain the user's encrypted information, and then decrypt and return it. The tradi-tional nested method of asynchronous callback results in poor program readability and low program execution performance. Theemergence of Promise solves the problem of multiple asynchronous operation requests when Wechat applet obtains Wechat user in-formation. It divides the asynchronous request function more clearly, greatly improves the readability of the program, and providesgood error handling logic.
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    Research on User Value Analysis Method of Enterprise Private Cloud
    ZHONG Wei-jianHE Qing
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 56-62.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0056-07
    The private cloud platform of China Mobile enterprise has five technical characteristics, namely, the integration of cloudnetwork side, super-large scale, cloud native architecture, independent control, and full stack base. In the current operation and man-agement of cloud platform, to ensure the effective use of company resources, an effective means is to analyze the user value of theplatform. For a long time, there has been a lack of scientific analysis means in this aspect, and the discriminant method based on per-sonal experience is often adopted, which lacks reliability. This paper puts the values of private cloud users into five dimensionswhich are resource utilization, resources rationality, user economy value, science and technology innovation value, politic and man-agement. It constructs the feature engineering and model algorithm based on user basic data, and establishes the evaluation methodfrom two aspects of expert evaluation model and objective scoring model, outputting user value scores and selecting high value us-ers
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    Research and Application of Blockchain in Appointment and Management of Health Industry
    WANG Ming-hao WU Shao-fei
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 63-79.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0063-05
    Blockchain technology is very popular now, and its core idea is to build a trusted underlying mechanism for various humanactivities, so as to link all kinds of data and ensure the credibility of its data. This paper combines blockchain technology with healthindustry. We improve the consensus mechanism and propose the concept of surplus advantage to ensure that the user is the manager.In this way, we can achieve self-management and improve the operational efficiency of its blockchain. At the same time, we makeuse of the automatic execution of smart contract to ensure the credibility of the system, and ensure the authenticity of health industrydata can further promote the healthy development of the industry.
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    The Practice of Network Learning Space in the Reform of Higher Vocational Education
    DONG Ming
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 68-71.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0068-04
    Online learning space plays a significant role in "The Three Links Project & Two Platforms" Project of China’s teachingstrategy. In terms of the respective teaching characteristics, how the higher vocational colleges apply cyberspace to their individualreform of teachers, teaching materials and teaching methods acts as an important subject matter of the current higher vocationalteaching information reform. By means of reforming the blended teaching methods with the practical application of online learningplatforms, the paper analyzes and compares the actual effects of different types of learning platforms from the perspective of teach-ing and learning. In addition, it analyzes their respective advantages and disadvantages, and then puts forward personalized and intel-lectualized online learning space that are more suitable for applying in higher vocational teaching
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    Practice and Exploration of Integrated Teaching Mode of Learning, Trainingand Competition for Core Courses of Computer Network Specialty
    LUAN Gui-fen
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 72-74.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0072-03
    The integrated teaching mode of learning and training competition, guided by Tao Xingzhi's educational thought of "teach-ing as one", insists on "training" as the center, teachers teach in practical training, and students learn in the process of "training" and"competition". This mode makes full use of the digital teaching platform to realize the interactive exchange and information feed-back of "teaching and learning", grasps the personalized, independent and interactive learning requirements of students, strengthensthe pertinence of teaching, breaks through the disadvantages of traditional teaching mode, strives to cultivate students' post skills andprofessional abilities, and promotes the professional growth of students.
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    On-line and Off-line Hybrid Teaching Design and Practice of "One-line-through,Two-side-introduction and Three-dimensional Education"-Taking the Course ofCommunicationPrincipleas an Example
    FAN Xing-juanLI HuiHUANG Hong-yanYANG Fei
    Computer & Telecommunication. 2021, 1 (3): 75-79.   DOI: 1008-6609(2021)03-0075-05
    During the teaching process, the team teachers make full use of the standardized curriculum resources of the intelligent vo-cational education platform construction, and combine the curriculum characteristics of "waveform analysis, spectrum analysis, ca-pacity calculation" of the course Communication Principle, launch the "one-line-through, two-side-introduction, three-dimensionaleducation" online and offline hybrid teaching model, design a student-centered "three-step closed" teaching model, and implementthe "three-integration, four-through" ideological and political education based on knowledge points, innovative the learning methodsof "active learning and love learning", form the whole process of assessment program with "precision and granular", completing theteaching tasks with high-quality
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