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Research and Design of Talents Training Plan for Software Engineering Major Based on OBE
Huanghuai University
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Abstract  Talents training scheme is the fundamental guidance document for the implementation of talents training in universities. In order to train applied, compound and innovative talents to meet the needs of society, a new talents training plan is researched and de- signed, which supported by knowledge structure, ability structure and quality structure. The talents training plan is based on OBE ed- ucation concept, according to national standard and national development strategy, keep up with the development of discipline and specialty. The goal of personnel training is determined scientifically and reasonably, and the realization matrix is designed. The cur- riculum system consists of theoretical curriculum system, practical curriculum system and extracurricular innovative practice activi- ties, which covering the main areas of professional knowledge system. Courses reflecting the frontiers of disciplines, school charac- teristics and regional characteristics are added as elective subjects. Bilingual course, subject competition and enterprise project prac- tice are added too.
Key wordstalents training plan      OBE      teaching quality      national standards      curriculum system     
Published: 09 December 2020

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GE Wen-geng YAO Ru-xian SUN Li LI Hu-yong GAO Jin-feng CHEN Ping. Research and Design of Talents Training Plan for Software Engineering Major Based on OBE. Computer & Telecommunication, 2020, 1(9): 21-25.

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