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Research on theApplication of Cloud Computing in the Construction of Smart Campus
Yuzhang Normal University
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Abstract  With the advent of the Internet era, a modern education model based on computer information technology has become a new trend in college education reform. The in-depth application of cloud computing technology to the construction of college cam- puses and the active construction of smart campuses will not only help improve the level of professional and technical personnel training in colleges and universities, but also enhance the quality of college education and realize talent training for colleges and uni- versities The goal has positive practical significance. This article summarizes the basic connotation of cloud computing and smart campus, analyzes the current problems of cloud computing in the construction of college campuses, explores the application path, aiming to provide some useful references for deepening the reform of college education.
Key words cloud computing      smart campus      practical application     
Published: 09 December 2020

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HUANG Xiang. Research on theApplication of Cloud Computing in the Construction of Smart Campus. Computer & Telecommunication, 2020, 1(9): 60-62.

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