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Exploration on Teaching Mode of Database Principle andApplication Course Based on Mobile Learning
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Abstract  In view of the characteristics of Database Principles and Applications course, such as more knowledge points and more de- tails, strong operability and less class hours, a question bank based on wechat small program is developed. This paper studies the ap- plication of rain classroom in teaching, uses the combination of rain classroom and the question bank to carry out teaching activities, and puts forward the course teaching mode based on mobile learning. Through the analysis of information statistics and interviews, the results show that this teaching mode improves students' interest and learning level and obtains good teaching effect.
Key wordswechat applet      rain classroom      mobile learning      teaching mode     
Published: 09 December 2020

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SHEN Yan-ping XUE Wei LI Cui-ting GAO Fang-ping. Exploration on Teaching Mode of Database Principle andApplication Course Based on Mobile Learning. Computer & Telecommunication, 2020, 1(9): 34-36.

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