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Design of CASIO fx-5800P Running Environment of Program Simulation Based on QB64
Hunan Vocational College of Engineering Hunan data cloud Geographic Information Technology Co., Ltd.
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Abstract  Programmable engineering calculator is mainly used in the field of surveying and mapping and civil engineering. So, field technicians must have the ability to design and use calculator programs. In this paper, by designing the simulation operating environ- ment of the program in QB64, the CASIO fx-5800P calculator program design, debugging and running scenes can be visualized in real time on the computer, which effectively improves the efficiency of learning.
Key wordsQB64      calculator      program      simulation      framework     
Published: 09 December 2020

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XIANG Ji-ping HAN Li-ping . Design of CASIO fx-5800P Running Environment of Program Simulation Based on QB64. Computer & Telecommunication, 2020, 1(9): 26-28.

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