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Research on the Massive MIMO TechnologyApplication Scenario for 5G
Guangdong Planning and Designing Institute Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
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Abstract  With the development of mobile communication technology, the 5th generation mobile communication (5G) networks have been officially in use and built in a large scale. As an key technology of 5G, Massive MIMO technology has the advantage of large system capacity, wide coverage and strong anti-interference capability. On the basis of introducing Massive MIMO technology and beam forming, this paper analyzes the equipment configuration of Massive MIMO. Equipment cost, user value, terminal distri- bution and brand reputation are combined to construct tridimensional and hierarchical network through sub-scene deployment and utilizing different equipment configuration. Finally, a method to build low-cost and high-quality 5G communication network is pro- posed.
Key words5G network      Massive MIMO      beam forming      application scenario      equipment selection     
Published: 09 December 2020

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HUANG Wei-ru. Research on the Massive MIMO TechnologyApplication Scenario for 5G. Computer & Telecommunication, 2020, 1(9): 56-59.

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